Repair + Service Omega Chronostop calibre 865

Omega Chronostop calibre 865Rui from Portugal sent in his father’s old Chronostop. This is the driver’s version, which means that the crown and pusher are on the right side of the case, and so is 12 o’clock.

At first glance things don’t look to hot as the watch is not running and the case is missing its pusher.
IMG_5225The movement has had some water ingress and I can already see that the pallet and escape wheel are rusty. On the bright side all of the chronograph parts are in good nick and the balance seems fine.IMG_5229Things take a turn for the worse under the dial, as most of the setting mechanism is rusty and the lower pivots of the pallet, escape and fourth wheel are gone.IMG_5336After contacting Rui about the condition of his watch, he gives us the green light to continue work.IMG_5337Removing the balance you can see the corrosion of the pallet.IMG_5338You could guess the pallet came of the Titanic considering its condition.IMG_5344Working my way down the chronograph layer.IMG_5351I’m now ready to dismantle the base movement.IMG_5352The gear train is in a rough shape and you can see the rust around the pivot holes.IMG_5354The barrel arbor is in good shape with no rust.IMG_5499A overview of broken and rusted parts that will be replaced.IMG_5502I had to replace the lower Incablok shock spring as the old one had rusted apart. Here I’m testing that the balance moves freely with the new spring in place.IMG_5507While putting the gear train wheels back in place I notice that the third wheel teeth have been worn down.IMG_5508I replace the third wheel and gear train is moving freely as it should.IMG_5555The dial side of the bottom plate has cleaned up very nice.IMG_5554Movement starts right up as the balance goes in place.IMG_5577Performance is not bad at all considering this watch used to be as dead as a dodo.IMG_5574I start to assemble the chronograph layer.IMG_5575Chronograph layer assembled and working as it should.IMG_5228The dial needs a clean,new varnish and luminous compound.IMG_5512After results are considerably better.IMG_5578Winding and setting mechanism back in order.IMG_5580Dial and hands back on the movement.IMG_5581The movement is back in its case and looking very nice.Omega Chronostop calibre 865All set and ready for racing;)

11 thoughts on “Repair + Service Omega Chronostop calibre 865

  1. Apparently, a lot of the metal things on the Titanic have resisted rusting pretty well due to the low oxygen levels at that depth but there is actually a steel-eating bacterium on her that is doing most of the damage! They named the bacterium after the ship – Halomonas titanicae.

    Loving the layout and design of that watch 😉

  2. I just received my watch carefully wrapped in a box and like a kid in Christmas, I had to take it all apart eager to get my hands on my precious!! Thanks guys! I trully appreciated what you did here! All the best Mitka and Christian! Rui

  3. great work, many watchmakers would have refused this one I think.

    Amazing what a good mechanical watch movement can go through and be resurrected.

  4. I have to say that I’m truly amazed with the stunning work you did on this one and that I’m really really eager to have it back!! Mitka thank you so much for putting this watch back to all it’s glory and for the entertaining article!!
    I’ll be sure to proudly show both to my father and friends!! 🙂

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