Repair + Service: Tressa Laser Beam / ST96

Jan, a customer of mine, kindly send me this Tressa and another watch that he had in his collection. They weren’t working, and he thought it would be better if I had them. Very kind of him, and today, I’m going to fix the Tressa.

He bought it on eBay from sareemaster, and this is the second watch I’ve seen that was bought from him. In general, very very poor craftsmanship, the watches are put together in a very shoddy way, and they generally don’t work properly. So, if you found this page because you are looking at his watches on eBay, don’t buy them… This one doesn’t work, and it has lost its crystal and hands already.

Fully wound, this is what the timegrapher says. Interpretation: not good!

Incredible amounts of dirt on the case back – sareemaster didn’t bother to clean that up, either.

The two screws that hold the dial studs in place are missing, and the dial is glued on with something ugly. This is so shoddy it hurts.

The balance has dirt caked on it, and the hairspring is deformed and the windings are touching. The whole watch is a complete disaster zone.

Lots of dirt, and somebody opened the screw that holds the set lever with a screw driver that was too big and damaged the bridge.

I clean, rinse and dry all the parts, and start reassembly.

The glue came off in the cleaning solution, but somebody has also scratched the bottom plate quite badly.

The parts I needed to replace:

  • balance (caked in dirt that doesn’t come off)
  • hairspring (deformed)
  • 5 bridge screws (severely rusted and damaged)
  • 2 dial screws (missing)
  • crystal (doesn’t fit properly)
  • click (rusted)
  • click screw (rusted)
  • pallet fork (one pallet loose)

Also, the case ring doesn’t seem to fit quite as it should and the dial isn’t level. Looks like it was taken from another watch …

Really, this beggars belief. Whoever puts the watches together for sareemaster just bodges what he can – they just make them tick somehow and send them off. Please don’t buy watches from this guy.

That’s better. Still a bit of a wave in there (probably from a damaged fourth wheel), but this is where I stop. The watch isn’t exactly worth a lot 😉

With a new crystal that fits properly, the watch is ticking again. The case is in very good condition, and the ST96 is a reliable and good movement.

Quite a nice looking watch – back to its former glory.

10 thoughts on “Repair + Service: Tressa Laser Beam / ST96

  1. How much will you charge to polish and make it work again. This was my great grandfather’s watch (Tressa 17 Jewels Laser Beam Swiss)

  2. hey watchguy i have my old granny’s 17 jewel tressa watch[swiss made] i live in india
    i can parcel you the watch and make you an online payment.See dear, this is extremely nostalgic for her ……….and i want it reapired and polished ……… kindly do help me……..looking forward for positive reply ……plzzzz

  3. This is a sharp looking watch! I looked at some of his items. Most of the dials are refinished, and some are rather poorly done.

  4. I have visited the ebay seller (sareemaster) have seen some of the adverts of sold items and they are really pathetic. I have never seen so many lies per square inch. In some adverts has placed a visits counter that is just an animated gif that rolls by itself… really sad.

    In the other hand, your blog is very good, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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