Restoration: Omega Constellation calibre 564

This time, it’s my own watch! I bought this from Kes, a client of mine, whose Constellation I fixed. He had sent it along for spares, but we didn’t need them, so I asked him if he would kindly sell the “spare” Constellation to me. And he did!

I always wanted one, and here is my chance at owning such a great watch. As you can see, it will need quite a bit of work, but a watch like this is well worth it.


The dial is past what I want to wear… so I send it off for restoration.

Now for the movement. I start with the usual strip-down.

Apart from a bit of dirt, the movement doesn’t look too bad. Some of the screw heads are rusty…

Some more rusty screws, but the wheels look fine.

After the usual cleaning, I put in a new mainspring and start reassembly.

The guys at David Bill & Sons have done their magic again… not a cheap magic, but you get what you pay for. This is an excellent job!

After cleaning the case, putting in a new crystal, and pushing the bezel back on, I put the movement back into the case.

A new leather strap, and I’m ready to go. It’s on my wrist right now, and I don’t want to take it off!


11 thoughts on “Restoration: Omega Constellation calibre 564

  1. wow it looks really nice
    my dad just pass me a 1967 Constellation and the dial had turn kinda bronze coloured
    hope i can get it restored like yours

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