Review: Sea-Gull 1963 Chronograph

This is a watch from my collection – a Sea-Gull 1963 chronograph. It’s a replica of a chronograph Sea-Gull manufactured for the Chinese air force in 1963.

The movement is a clone of the Venus 175 movement, which Sea-Gull now calls the ST19.

Just right up my street – no frills, clean dial, just does what it has to do. It’s hand-winding, and has a normal second hand dial at 9 o’clock, and the minute counter dial for the chronograph at 3 o’clock.

Nice case. I’ve replaced the original fabric strap which was pretty useless with a leather strap.

Great looking movement with a 40 hour power reserve.

This little video shows the chronograph engaging, disengaging and resetting.

Not a bad copy indeed.

And, the biggest surprise – performance on the timegrapher half-wound. You can’t argue with that!

Go and get one whilst you can.


12 thoughts on “Review: Sea-Gull 1963 Chronograph

  1. Hello Christian, May I ask what Lift Angle setting you used for the ST19 when you had it on the timegrapher? I can’t find the figure published anywhere.

    • The original Venus 175 has a lift angle of 42 degrees, but I’m not sure that the clone has that, too. My guess is more towards the usual 52 degrees.

      • Thanks for the reply Christian. Since I didn’t spend a whole lot on my ST19 watch I think I’m going to open it up and try to observe when the amplitude is at 180 degrees.

    • I recently checked my st19 chrono for the correct lift angle. I used the marked balance method at 180 degrees. I seemed to get a lift angle of around 47 degrees, give or take a degree. Its certainly not more than 49 degrees.

      • according to puretime, the correct lift angle is 50°.
        They used this on their timegrapher while checking a Speedmaster with ST-1902 movement

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  3. Very nice watch !
    I just receive a Strela (3133 Poljot), but maybe the next one will be a “1963”.
    Thx for sharing your opinion !

  4. Which version did you get, from Thomas, ebay or watchunique? Wanting to get one, but don’t which version is the best one to get.

  5. This chronograph is really tempting; I’m hesitating between this one and a poljot 3133.

    I’ve read somewhere that you can damage the 3133 movement if you press the reset button while the chronograph is engaged. Is it also true with the ST19?

    I really like the blog by the way!

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