Review: Sea-Gull 816.362 / ST2130

I got my new Sea-Gull 816.362 the day before yesterday – thanks to “trusthonestman” on eBay!

It has the  ST2130 movement, which beats at 28,800 bph / 8 bps. It looks stunning and I love it.

Oddly enough, it’s half the price of the 816.351, even though, at least in my opinion, this one looks nicer.

So far, it’s 6 seconds per day fast, but constantly, so that’s very good news.

The clasp has two releases at the sides.

Glass back

I’m not taking apart this one, but you can have a look here where I’m taking apart the ST2130 movement and here  where I’m putting it back together.

Let’s hook it up to a timegrapher and see how it ticks.

Position Accuracy s/day Amplitude Beat Error
DU -2 318 0.0
DD -8 333 0.0
CR +11 304 0.3
CU 0 303 0.0
CD +11 285 0.4
CL -4 291 0.0

Overall, not shabby. I correct my watch by putting it face up overnight when it’s too fast, and crown left when it’s too slow. For more drastic corrections, I use face down / crown down. This way, I keep the watch within 2 seconds accuracy.

16 thoughts on “Review: Sea-Gull 816.362 / ST2130

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  2. Looks great! seriously considering this as a dress watch for my sister’s wedding. any pics of it on a leather strap?

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  4. Hi and thanks for a very nice review!

    I’m considering to get this watch, largely because of this review.
    I have seen some “40mm x 10mm” claims for size but are these the real measurements, looks bigger, especially the thickness?

      • Thank you for measuring!
        I have now received my watch from (I think it is the same seller as in eBay) and it seems to do +2s/day.

        I noticed this has hand winding option, I did not think about it when purchasing.
        It might be a dumb question, but how do I know when the spring has full tension? Winding from the crown takes some force but I’m not sure if it is big or small amount in general. After all, this is my first wrist watch of any kind in last 15 years…


        • The mainspring starts slipping in the barrel once the watch is fully wound, so you won’t feel any difference between winding and fully wound.

          No need to wind anyway, if you wear the watch during the day, it will always have enough power to go through the night.

  5. Really like the look of this watch – think it would look great on leather.
    What’s the lug width out of interest? 20mm?

  6. A little update on accuracy: the watch continued with its 6s/day being fast. I opened up the back and regulated it slightly slower. Now, I’m at 1s/day fast. I’ll leave that for a bit and see how that pans out…

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