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I ordered a set lever spring for a Rolex on a month ago, and the part never arrived. Now that I try to contact the company,, there is no response. I have tried their on-line enquiry form and their phone number.

Good old PayPal lets me of course reclaim my money, and I have started that process, but I just thought I’d warn others before they order there.

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  1. WARNING… They the scammers are using names very similar to real legit companies. WATCH PARTS UK, also known as / Watch Parts Global are fake scammers and also linked to Classictimeparts. The Watch Parts Shop UK is a genuine company so are a few more but be careful as the scammers are using very slight differences in the names to make them sound as close to the original legit companies, BEWARE of email as they are apart of the scam link, Watch Parts scam boss is called Adam apparently and the scammers phone number they use is on 3 mobile network 07868021824 uk registered. The websites platform they use is a genuine company called ( Bigcartel) they also need to be informed that scammers are using their platform web developers. Remember lots of watch parts companies are real just be extremely careful as they are virtually using names so similar to confuse people, I know this because I was stupid enough to test them out at my own expense, I’m on sorting all address of culprits and informing Uk Fraud Police.

  2. They scammed me out of £250 pounds the bar-stards, it said used bank card to get 5% discount, I should of know better. My bank will not do anything about it either I’m down £250.

  3. I orders a glass for my Brietling over six weeks ago and have not received anything at all – I did order through PP so will now start a refund process.
    I am angry because the Brietling glass is very difficult to find for my vintage watch
    Only paid £22 so maybe should have smelled a rat !! thanks for posting

  4. This conversation has alarmed me as I was just about to place an order with them.

    Just as a matter of interest, I have used several times and always had good service (mainly simple batteries) but I note that URL is up for sale.

    Wonder if Watchparts and Watchpart is/were the same people?

    Their company is still live (Reg 5971236 working out of UNIT 3C SPA FIELDS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE NEW STREET)

    So who would you guy recommend as a good supplier to use?

  5. 4 months after ordering no delivery. No response to enquiries via the web form. No one ever answers the phone.
    Awful company. There was no paypal option when I ordered so I did a bank transfer so no protection. I should have smelled a rat.

  6. I ordered some items in 2014 and the package was shipped without any problems. But this year I ordered some items again on May 16th and to this day, June 28th, I got nothing. I tried to contact them through web form but, again, nothing.

  7. placed order for TAG Heuer bracelet 11th May. Received acknowledgment of payment 12th May ( £43.82) . Nothing has arrived. No-one answers the phone and my emails have not received a response. Treat this company with great caution

  8. I ordered a clasp spring for an Omega Seamaster but it was never delivered. I made many attempts to contact the firm via their on line enquiry form and via telephone but they never responded or answered the phone. I got an immediate refund from Barclaycard Visa and I also raised a complaint with Trading Stadard’s but sadly they don’t seem very interested. I’m still trying to get them to do proper investigation but it seems like multiple (I sent a link to this page), on line fraud is not considered a serious offence. So, unless their position changes, it looks like this firm can just carry on stealing money from the credit card companies, who are the ‘technical’ customer, but they are not bothered either – they just increase the interest rates to cover losses.
    What a sorry state of affairs !

  9. I was looking for a Tag crown, unavailable in their listings. I asked if they could get it and, yes, the next day it was listed. Impressive. I ordered on August 7th 2014 using PayPal, expecting a 2-3 week delivery. After 2 months, nothing. I made contact only to discover they were changing supplier, but were very much on the case and wanted to satisfy all outstanding Tag orders. Contact had been easy until that point, but now I’m unable to get any response by phone or email.

  10. grr just wish i had read these threads first havent supplied item and has been a month with no response so contacted paypal and now in dispute hope to get my money back dreadful company

  11. I’ve now been waiting a year, the order anniversary is 4 days away. Initially there was correspondence and they basically conned me into waiting beyond my 40 days by feining illness/supplier issues. Since then not a single word in response although I do email queries every few weeks. (Not rude, I’d let your Mum read them). My loss, but use any other part source on the planet instead of them.

  12. There have been several threads about watchpart on TZ-UK and WUS of late – people having problems with both communications and delivery. For what it is worth, it seems the problems get resolved in the end, but it is a hassle.

    This would be the set-lever for the Cal. 700 SpeedKing I pointed you at I take it? Sorry about that ;-(

    • Not your fault! Yes, it’s that set lever… Oh well, the watch works well with the old one, so it’s not to big a problem. I’m sure PayPal will refund me the money, so no damage done.
      Incredible feat in the first place to find the part using Google Image Search!

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