Service: Accurist central second / ST96

Continuing yesterday’s Accurist theme, here is another eBay find for around £15. It doesn’t work, but I liked the look of it so much that I had to buy it.

This is a Shockmaster with the ST96 movement (the same as the FHF55), with a central second, and no date.

I just love the dial, and it’s in pretty good shape, apart from some sticky gunk on the “8”…

Not much dirt, but I can’t wind the movement. Looks like the mainspring is broken.

Nice, clean movement construction. I do like Swiss ebauches.

The bottom plate. Lots of polished parts – a decent finish throughout.

And here is the culprit – the mainspring is broken.

With a new mainspring, I start putting the movement back together.

Nicely polished barrel and transmission wheel.

All nice and shiny and clean….

The sticky stuff on the “8” comes off with some tissue, tweezers and some methylated spirit. I have to be very careful not to get any on the dial, as that would ruin it.

Now the hands are lightly polished and go back on.

With a new crystal, the watch is back to its old glory. £15 on eBay, £15 for parts, and a couple of hours work – well worth it!


5 thoughts on “Service: Accurist central second / ST96

  1. I’d be interested to know which of L&R’s product range you prefer. I repair clocks, which of course are a lot more robust so water-based ammoniate3d cleaning agents are fine for most things. But cleaning carriage clock platforms with balance wheel and lever escapement is somewhat different and perhaps more like a watch. So what do you find best for cleaning and rinsing from the L&R range?

    • Currently, I’m using the #111 cleaning solution, and the ultrasonic rinsing solution. Unlike Cheryl Cole, I like a bit of ammonia! It’s not water based, and the ammonia content isn’t enough to attack shellac, at least not during the 10 minute cleaning interval I use.

  2. What cleaning fluid do you use to soak the parts in, Christian? And whereabouts are you in the UK?? Do you have a fuller website, or just the blog?

    • Hi there,

      I am using L&R cleaning and rinsing fluids, and I am based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

      This is my website as well as my blog. Contact details are on the /about/ page.



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