Service: Accurist Shockmaster / Peseux 7066

In my book, vintage Accurist watches are underrated. They have great Swiss ebauches movements, in this case, a Peseux 7006, look great, and go for next to nothing on eBay.

Very clean design – light, beautiful watches.

Let’s have a look inside ….

Peseux finishes their standard movements very nicely – look at the barrel wheel.

Nice and tidy bottom plate arrangement. Simple, but reliable.

Now it’s time for the top plate.

The gear train.

Parts ready for cleaning.

I start the reassembly with the top plate as usual.

The blue “Accurist” is disputable, but overall, a very nice looking movement. All screws polished.

And the bottom plate done.

Movement cased.

Go on, admit it, you want one!

With the mainspring wound just a bit, this is great performance.

I bought this one on eBay for £15 incl. postage. Beats a lot of watches, and certainly any fake. So if you have a small budget, but you want a nice watch go for one of these, and leave your hands off the horrible fakes that are out there. I’ve fixed a few, and what’s inside is rarely pretty. What’s inside this one is very pretty!

3 thoughts on “Service: Accurist Shockmaster / Peseux 7066

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I bought a couple of really beautiful looking Accurist off eBay for stupidly low prices, nice movements and attractive. I wrote to Accurist to see if they had any sort of historical database and was amazed to hear that they have no real interest in talking about their history/heritage. Odd. Underrated and modestly priced.

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