Service Alpina calibre 592

IMG_4143A client has sent us this rare beast. It seems to be an early special order for a Ferrari dealership or the factory.

The case is a little worse for wear and the dial has some paint missing.IMG_4144Number 21 of 50 ever made!IMG_4145Opening the case the movement seems to have gotten some harsh treatment. The regulator is broken at the tip and the mainspring is deformed.IMG_3988After servicing the movement we both had a go at reshaping the hairspring but in the end had to give up.IMG_4146The performance is not acceptable at all…Luckily I have sourced a parts movement in great condition from a watch with a shot dial.IMG_4742The replacement movement is from 1953 and has shock protection unlike the movement in the watch witch has a non-shock protected balance, that is also the reason I can’t just swap the hairspring over.IMG_4736After dismantling and cleaning the watch I test that the balance moves freely.IMG_3983I steal the new mainspring that I initially used in the first movement.IMG_4737The winding mechanism goes back in place on a nicely decorated plate.IMG_4743The dial Looks pretty good and I must admit the Ferrari connection is pretty awesome considering the age of the watch!IMG_4744The movement goes in to the case from the front IMG_4745Movement looks great in it’s newly plated case.IMG_4741Performance is now exellent.IMG_4749Another shot of that case back.IMG_4748Great watch for any watch and car enthusiast and I’m very envious 😉 If anyone knows anything about this watch please post on our blog.

4 thoughts on “Service Alpina calibre 592

  1. Another five star work coming out Mitka’s hands!! It makes you want to have it!! And having the Ferrari’s horse doesn’t help to control the impulse!! 🙂

  2. Mitka and Christian are unsung heroes! Thank you for the hard work, attention to detail and care you put into this watch. My father loved it and enjoyed reading the perfectly timed blog!

    …all the best,


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