Service: Alpina calibre 592R

IMG_8750I’m very partial to Alpina watches. Both the design and the movements have a simplicity and clarity that I like. This is very much true for this little gem, that Anders from Norway sent in.


Having removed the case back, there is an extra lid to protect the movement. And yes, I like those very much, too.


Just to see how things are, I pop the watch on the timegrapher.IMG_8756

Ouch, high time for a service!IMG_8758

So far, not too much dirt.IMG_8760

The gear train.IMG_8763

And a very simple bottom plate.IMG_8765

The grease in the barrel has solidified completely.IMG_8766

A simple movement with not too many parts.IMG_8770

Epilame treatment for the pallet fork, escape wheel and cap jewels.IMG_8888

And the movement is coming back together.IMG_8889

And it’s ticking!IMG_8891

Not bad compared to what we saw before!IMG_8892

The bottom plate is back together.IMG_8893

And the movement goes into the case.IMG_8894

The back gets a new gasket.IMG_8895

And we’re back in business. What a beauty. White dial and blued hands.IMG_8896Now you want one too, right?


8 thoughts on “Service: Alpina calibre 592R

  1. That is one cracking looking watch. Such a simple uncluttered dial; so easy to tell the time at a glance. What size is the watch?

    • I can measure it when arrives back home if Christian has not already packed it up?
      I believe I noted about 35mm across excluding the crown.

    • Hi Scott:
      Vital measurements:
      Width w/o crown: 34.3mm (with signed crown: 36.3mm)
      Lug/lug: 39.6mm. Lug width: 18mm
      Thickness: 9mm
      Serial number (case back): 742645 / 100 .

  2. Thanks Christian!

    I am amazed! What a beautiful movement!
    The dial and case also came out looking fantastic.
    This one I think will remain in the collection for a long time! Alpina is one of the, by many forgotten, “great old ones” that went down hill in the 70’s.
    The brand is still alive, and have some quite nice modern watches with in-house calibers:

    Take note: They are referring to the 592 (from this watch) as one of their past great achievements:-)

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