Service: Avia / ST96-4

IMG_8835I got this watch from Chris (not our Rado collector Chris), as I repaired his CWC quartz watch. Chris is very well known in the world of Turret clocks, and you could say that he’s the UKs leading expert when it comes to them.

The Avia doesn’t work, but with a bit of luck, it’s just dirt …

IMG_8837Everything is complete, and there is no obvious damage. A good start!


The dial has some slight damage, which isn’t too bad, and the hands are still quite good.IMG_8839

A very tidy bottom plate, and you can see that the escape pivot has a cap jewel.IMG_8840

The date wheel removed.IMG_8849

The movement isn’t decorated, but has very nice finishes.IMG_8853

Lovely finishes throughout.IMG_8859

All ready for the cleaning machine.IMG_8860

Lately, I have started to use epilame. Expensive as it is, it makes quite a difference when it comes to the application of oil to the escape wheel teeth and the pallet jewels, which you can see very well under the microscope. The initial kit is a bit of an investment, but it will come out at about £0.50 per watch, and that’s well worth it.IMG_8861

The lovely Schott glass applicator sets you back £130. Not bad for a bit of glass and a plastic basket with holes!IMG_8862

I treat the escape wheel, pallet fork, and the cap jewels.IMG_8863

I start off by putting back the balance jewels.IMG_8864

The top plate is back together, and the movement is ticking happily. IMG_8866

That’s a very good result, considering the watch wasn’t even working, and I didn’t put in a new mainspring.IMG_8867

The bottom plate comes back together.IMG_8868

And the date wheel is back in place.IMG_8870I clean the dial as best as I can without damaging it, and give the hands a slight polish.


I don’t like these cheap tin case rings, as they don’t hold the movement very well.IMG_8872

With a new crystal, this is looking rather nice! Got to order a decent strap…IMG_8873I like the white second hand with the blue dial …




12 thoughts on “Service: Avia / ST96-4

      • A lot of scaremongering there to beat you into submission for your next service. These are extreme cases (as is the epilame one). In the real world, watches that you open after 20 years without a service are quite alright, really…

  1. OK now I’m confused!!? That’s not like any quartz I’ve ever seen. A wind up quartz!??
    Didn’t know they existed! Learn something everyday I guess! 🙂

  2. A turret clock repairer who wears a quartz watch? Whatever is the world coming to!

    I have a few watches with these FHF (ST?) movements in, but they are all steel I think. Maybe I am imagining it because this one is gold (coloured), but it seems more nicely finished than those as well.

    The chunky white hand on blue dial is a nice combination, and is surprisingly not one you see very often 😉

    • I also have a couple of watches with the FHF/ST 96. All of them are very nicely finished, some with decorations. Great performers, with a very low price tag.

      And yes, the lad only wears quartz watches, but is very passionate about all things turret clock. In fact, if you need to know anything about turret clocks, he’s the man.

      Believe it or not, I attended a BHI lecture the other day, and the guy putting together an IWC fish tail wore a quartz watch as well. The mind boggles…

      I challenged him, and he said it was still better than wearing a Chinese watch (I’m afraid he’s been reading my blog) 😉

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