Service: Breitling Shark Auto – ETA2824-2

IMG_0102Andrew sent in this Breitling Shark – he bought it on eBay, and shortly after he got it, it stopped working. Before that, it was running too fast. That’s eBay for you, but that’s also what I’m here for 😉IMG_0104

When wound, there is a bit of a beat, but this doesn’t look good at all.


A bit of dirt on the dial, but that’s no problem.IMG_0107

The rotor is decorated with the Breitling logo.IMG_0109

And here is our old friend, the ETA2824-2. Great movement, reliable, and accurate.IMG_0110

The mainspring is pretty dirty.IMG_0112There was dirt throughout the movement, and that’s probably all that was wrong.


I start off with the bottom plate – just for variation 😉IMG_0117

Bottom plate complete.IMG_0118

The old mainspring is actually still quite good, and I will take my chances with it. The timegrapher will tell me if that was right or not later…IMG_0119

I got this new tool to close the barrel lid, and I love it!IMG_0122

The base movement is back together, now for the moment of truth!IMG_0124

Oh yes! You always get great performance from an ETA2824-2.IMG_0125

I case the movement without the rotor, and then put the rotor on.IMG_0126

And we’re back in business.IMG_0127


6 thoughts on “Service: Breitling Shark Auto – ETA2824-2

  1. When I put my Beitling Shark Chrono in my watch winder. What kind of direction en frequenty I need to set up my watch winder? Left or right (clockwise) or both? 650, 900, 1200 or 1800 rotations?

    Thanks for your information.


    Niels (Netherlands)

  2. Thanks Christian for the quick turn around on the watch and for your professionalism in dealing with the queries. The beauty is back on my wrist ticking very very well now….

  3. mmmm…. new tools 😀
    Can I ask which mainspring winding tool you use? I need to put one on my wish list!

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