Service: Buren Ladies pocket / desk watch

This 30 ladies pocket / desk watch belonged to my grandmother. It was probably bought in the early 1930s. After my mother’s death, my dad passed it on to me to have it serviced, which I am doing today.

As far as I remember, my grandmother had the watch on its stand on her desk.

Lovely looking Buren movement with hinted individual cocks for the escape, fourth and third wheel (this is actually one bridge).

Perlage decorated bottom plate, and a serial number.

The wheel bridge.

Everything ready for the cleaning machine.

The watch being a family piece, and me wearing my conservation hat today, I’m leaving the original mainspring.

The barrel and wheel train goes on the top plate.

And we’re back in business again.

Not bad for an old mainspring 😉

I clean the case and put the movement back in.

Ready for the next generation.


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