Service Certina calibre 23-20

Certina 23-20A nice little Certina that need ‘s some attention.

Certina 23-20The movement is full of gunk and hairs. The hairspring is bent and Christian will help with that.
IMG_0163It ticks…
IMG_0204Who ever oiled this must have believed that more is better! Note the cool Certina logo.
IMG_0205Old mainspring looks good enough and will go back after being cleaned and lubricated.
IMG_0206Christian fixed the hairspring the result is very good.
Service Certina 23-20Back in the case looking greatService Certina 23-20Nice simple design.


As this watch was done in the early days of my carer I have grown older and hopefully wiser. I have varnished the dial to preserve it, and applied new luminous compound.IMG_3914Now that looks much better!;)

7 thoughts on “Service Certina calibre 23-20

  1. Hey, I cam across this watch because I own one myself that is very close looking. And I have been wondering if the time indicator dots and dial has luminous paint on them, and what the paint is made of? And seeing your post now gives me an indicator that the dots is luminous paint.
    Here is my watch, do you think it is the same?
    But do you know what this paint originally is, if this is the radium paint?
    I hope you are able to help a little although its been some year since this was posted.

  2. Great job Mitka! Watch look good.
    Seemed to me that you cleand the dial a bit as it looks different than the first picture. What did you use?

  3. At this rate you’ll have to add a “shop” section to the website! Keep up the good work and the interesting posts.
    It’s always a pleasure to see a new watch has been worked on.

    • Not a bad plan – at this rate he is going to need funds to replenish his stocks of sickly old watches 😉

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