Service: Certina caliber 19-30 Ladies watch

Certina calliber 10-30I’m back from a 5day vacation in sunny Malta and this little beauty is in need of a service for it’s new life.

IMG_0549A good start as the movement is in good condition.IMG_0550This watch probably has not had a service in at last 30 years.IMG_0551This movement is constructed the same way as a men’s movement just in a tiny formatIMG_0553I’m being carful not to break anything, as everything is half the size of what I’m used to.IMG_0554The mainspring is seemingly in good condition and goes back after being cleaned and oiled.IMG_0556The watch is coming back together nicelyIMG_0557After a little adjusting this watch is preforming better than many men’s watches I have worked on.IMG_0562Back in the caseIMG_0563Christian’s daughter just turned 11 and I hope she will enjoy this gift:)

9 thoughts on “Service: Certina caliber 19-30 Ladies watch

  1. I have recently been inspecting a couple of old Orients that belonged to my mother and father. It surprises me to see the very similar movements in different sizes. The ladies version is almost toy like in comparison.

    A fantastic choice for a gift.

  2. Hmm – I love Malta!

    That’s a smart looking watch, and a nice looking movement – but I think it is a 19-30 rather than a 10-30 😉

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