Service: Chopard – L.U.C. / FHF175

IMG_9395Mitka found this nice little Chopard in Norway, and was kind enough to give it to my wife as a present – unserviced, though ๐Ÿ˜‰


Nice case back!IMG_9397

The movement is marked as a L.U.C., and is a decorated FHF 175.IMG_9398

Perlage decoration on the bottom plate.IMG_9401

I take the balance jewels apart for cleaning.IMG_9404

There is a bit of dirt, but nothing too drastic.IMG_9406

The mainspring slid out of the barrel arbor.IMG_9407

The keyless works.IMG_9409

All in good shape.IMG_9951

The barrel gets a new mainspring.IMG_9952

Nice, clean, and beating.IMG_9953

That’s not bad at all.IMG_9954

All ready for the dial and hands.IMG_9956

Cased with a new strap, and looking very nice indeed!


9 thoughts on “Service: Chopard – L.U.C. / FHF175

  1. I love that watch! you know now you mentioned it’s going to your wife, I’m wondering how delicate and feminine this watch will wear in a woman’s wrist, excellent gift!

  2. Haha, Iยดm sorry Mitka.
    I think I outbid you on another LUC on Tradera about 2 weeks ago. Could this be correct?

  3. Very vintage, like it.

    Chopard are more known as a jewellery company, but a few years back released an in-house designed microrotor auto movement of exceptional quality – the 1.96.

    • Yes, that’s slightly on the high side, but small enough to find it hard to correct on the collet. Chances of overshooting in the other direction are pretty high, and it’s my wife’s watch, and I know what a beat error of 2.3ms does to the accuracy of this movement… nothing ๐Ÿ˜‰

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