Service: Citizen Jet Auto dater Calibre: 1120

IMG_5429I like the early 60’s Citizen watches as they made some unusual and funky watches. And this watch is defiantly something special. The watch is in nice condition but could do with a service. I’m not sure about the calibre number; so if there are any Citizen experts out there please enlighten me on the correct calibre number;)IMG_5432Now that is a rotor construction and a half, now you can see why I have been interested in having a closer look at this model.IMG_5434No doubt it needs a service.IMG_5797I start by removing the clamps that hold the rotor in place.IMG_5800Here you can see the auto winder mechanism after removing the auto winder bridge.IMG_5801Down to the base movement.IMG_5803Hands and dial removed.IMG_5805I remove the wire spring that engages with the auto winder ratchet. The wire spring is held in place by the little pin below it.
IMG_5810I remove the setting mechanism.IMG_5811Jewels and crown wheel removed.IMG_5816I have removed the trainbridge and gear train. Note there is not any calibre number only an R. The movement is probably an 1120.IMG_5818I decide to reuse the old mainspring, as it did not look too bad.IMG_5918Balance back in place after cleaning the movement. Citizens ParaShock protection that you also find in the HMT

IMG_5919Base movement almost back in place.IMG_5920Amplitude is nothing spectacular, but it will keep okay time.IMG_5971Setting mechanism going back in place.IMG_5972The Date mechanism back in place.IMG_5973The dial and hands back on the movement.IMG_6141I have put the auto winding mechanism back in place and the movement in the case.IMG_6142The rotor has very nice ball bearing construction.IMG_6143The rotor back on the movement looking good.IMG_6147Case back.IMG_6146I was fortunate to find a diver tension ringed crystal that fitted after a little modification as I could not find any original crystals. It has an Oyster style bezel ring construction where the bezel ring tension keeps the crystal in place. The bezel ring had two cracks and unfortunately one split open. I have silver soldered the bezel ring back together, not that pretty but does the job for now.IMG_6144The overall design is very nice. Unfortunately 38mm case is a little too large for my wrist.

8 thoughts on “Service: Citizen Jet Auto dater Calibre: 1120

  1. Hi, do you know where i can find a crown and stem for a citizen 21-jewel jet watch,I have two of them and i would like to try to fix them ,one is a newmaster no rotor,and the other is a citizen parawter automatic21 jewels,with a round hole comes out where the crown goes into.

  2. Hi,

    I came across your website while surfing around – fantastic website!!

    While I appreciate mechanical watches, and have an interest for mechanics in general, I do want to learn how to repair watches. Or at least to start – how to disassemble and re-assemble one. How would you recommend I get the knowledge require (practicing of course is the next part). Is there a good website/book that I can refer to?

    Thanks, and keep the watches ticking!

  3. Hi Mitka,

    The Sweephand Citizen page is probably the best overall resource on Citizen watches that I’m aware of … if you go to the Movement Table that’s hosted here (, I think you’ll be able to get additional info on exactly which calibre you just got done servicing.

    Nice work!


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