Service: Contesa/ETA 1080

IMG_0211This Contesa which Joe from Ireland has inherited from his father is ready for a service and will get the case replated.

Unfortunately, Christian took the watch apart to send the case off for replating, and didn’t take a photo, so the first photo is of the movement and dial.

IMG_0213The movement is in good condition but definitely time for a service.IMG_0214The timegrapher doesn’t pick up the beat rate.IMG_0219I enjoy working on these old ETA movements as they are very well built.IMG_0225Here is the movement all stripped down, cleaned, and ready for reassembly.IMG_0250New mainspring and the barrel.IMG_0259Movement is back together. Let’s see how it performs …IMG_0256Very happy with that result.IMG_9526That looks great in the newly replated case. I like the waffle patterned dial and overall design of this watch. I enjoy putting these lesser-known brands together. Not everything has to be an Omega.

7 thoughts on “Service: Contesa/ETA 1080

  1. Hey thanks, really enjoyed the post. I love learning about all these sort of things. Best i can do is remove some links and change a battery though. Do you need a lot of specialised tools?

  2. I have seen that type of dial pattern described by some manufacturers as “Denim”… seems appropriate 😉

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