Service: Cordura Lady Sea-Gull / EB8170

IMG_2827Having repaired two Cordura Sea-Gulls for my clients, I wanted one myself. After a bit of looking around on eBay, I found a Lady Sea-Gull. The crystal has had it, but the case and bezel is in good shape.IMG_2935

The dial has a bit of damage at the top, and it’s spilled oil, so I won’t even attempt to wipe it off, as it has started to dissolve the paint. The hands are in very good shape, and I didn’t pay a lot for the watch.IMG_2936

The movement is an EB 8170, and you don’t find these very often. They have 17 jewels, and a pin pallet escapement! Not only that, but a date with quick-set function, which is engaged by turning the hands backwards, and it’s automatic. So a lot of complications for a pin pallet movement. There was a time when some manufacturers thought that pin pallet was the way forward, and that it was better than the Swiss lever. TImex was one of them…

The reason for using a pin pallet here can’t have been cost saving, as the movement is well jewelled and complex enough.IMG_2937

The balance is properly jewelled, but is itself just pressed out of a sheet of metal.IMG_2939

The auto winder bridge removed.IMG_2944

The pin pallet fork.IMG_2947

The gear train with the pin pallet escape wheel at the left.IMG_2957

I will reuse the mainspring, as I can’t find a replacement.IMG_3047

Now for the moment of truth – with the base movement back together, it’s onto the timegrapher…IMG_3048

This is pretty amazing. If you would show me this image, I would bet considerable amounts of money that this wasn’t from a pin pallet movement! So maybe there was a point in manufacturing high-grade pin pallet movements…IMG_3050

Pretty ingenious date construction. The date change is incredibly fast, it has a quick set (the little wheel at 12 o’clock engages with the date ring when the movement is turned backwards), and it works reliably. Not expensively made, but very effective.IMG_3052

I’m very happy with the end result. It looks great with the new crystal, and the movement performs incredibly well for a ladies’ watch of this size. To be honest, there are few Swiss levers that size that do this well 😉

I might give this watch to my wife for Christmas as a little side present. I won’t spoil the surprise, as my wife never reads my blog 🙂

11 thoughts on “Service: Cordura Lady Sea-Gull / EB8170

  1. Hi Christian.

    Just wondered if you had kept tabs on the real world time keeping of the watch over a period of wearing?

    Would be interested to know?

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