Service: Corum / Felsa 4122

This gold Corum watch belongs to my neighbour Maurice and he’s given it to me for ┬áservice.

A very elegant watch with a gold case back that holds the round movement – a Felsa 4122. Let’s open it up and have a look …

The dial has some slight damage around the edges, and the hands can do with a polish.

The Felsa 4122 movement and the gold case back.

The movement is 7 3/4”’ or 17.2mm, so quite small for a gent’s watch.

Tidy construction – here you can see the gear train, and the Felsa mark and calibre number.

The bottom plate.

The hunt for a new mainspring takes me quite some time, and poor Maurice is without his watch for the summer…

All parts ready for the cleaning machine.

I put back the pallet jewels – you can see the tiny circle of oil between the cap and balance jewel.

New mainspring in the barrel.

The wheel bridge back in place. A beautiful little movement.

About the same size as a 10p coin!

I polish the hands and put the dial and hands back onto the movement.

Now the case gets some attention. I start by cleaning it with a pegwood stick.

When the crystal was glued in the last time, a little bit too much glue was used. I press the crystal out so I can clean this up.

Now I remove the old glue.

That looks better! I’ve tried to remove the black markings from the dial, but they won’t come off without causing damage to the dial.

A set of new spring bars won’t hurt, either.

Great looking watch.

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