Service: Cyma calibre 384 K

img_9148I got this little NOS Cyma, it has been stored for 60+ years and is in need of a little love.

img_9149I take the movement out of the case by unscrewing the case back screws.img_9151The crystal and gasket are still in good condition. This is important, as it would be hard to find anything that would fit.img_0213I have to say that movement is a thing of beauty.img_0214The setting mechanism is really nice with a properly machined yoke spring.img_0217Another nice detail is how the click spring is screwed into place.img_0218The gear train can’t be taken out before I also remove the barrel bridge.img_0219An unusual detail is the capped escape wheel construction, it has a hole jewel you remove from the underside of gear train bridge. It’s a fairly expensive construction considering it only is capped on one side.img_0221Here you can see the old mainspring in the barrel.img_0313After cleaning the movement, I put the cap jewels back in place and see that the balance moves freely. Note the Cyma flex shock protection system.img_0312I decide to use the old mainspring.img_0314I have put the gear train back in place and testing that it moves freely. Note there is a little mark in the screws that unscrew clockwise.img_0318I put the balance back in place and the little movement starts ticking straight away.img_0324Fully wound the watch is preforming nicely.img_0326I clean up the dial and remove the old compound. I have decided not to apply compound on the letters but rather have small dots on the dial. Here you can also see the bottom part of the case where the movement sits.img_0328Now that looks nice!:)

4 thoughts on “Service: Cyma calibre 384 K

  1. Your aunt is having great pleasure wearing it! Thanks so much, I love it very much and so nice to have an intimate glimpse of its innards. I have even more appreciation of it now – what a beautiful mechanism. xxx

  2. Nice, and cool to see a ladies watch being brought back to life. All too often these are neglected and “forgotten”.
    I assume Mrs. M will be happy with it!

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