Service: Cyma Sport calibre 032Kb

IMG_6518I bought this lovely little Cyma as I like the unusual case design and the black and copper coloured dial. In my opinion Cymas from the 40’s up to the 60’s are some of the most undervalued watches on the market. This watch is hardly running and needs a little attention.IMG_6519I like when these old watches have a dust cover.IMG_6520The movement is in great condition. Also the Cote de Geneve decoration looks great. Note the cool shock protection was called Cymaflex and a similar system was used by JLC.IMG_8158The winding mechanism is very nicely made with a properly machined yoke spring.IMG_8161I removed the balance. Another nice feature is the separate cock for the escape wheel and for the forth and third wheel.IMG_8162Here you can see the layout of the gear train.IMG_8163The old mainspring in blued steel.IMG_8277I have cleaned the movement and here I’m seeing that the balance moves freely when I have put the jewels back in place. Note the lovely perlage decoration on the base plate.IMG_8286Using a new mainspring the movement banked, so I cleaned and fitted the original mainspring that is still in good condition. Even thought the dimensions are the same, the modern stainless steel used today is stronger than the original blued steel.IMG_8279The gear train being put back in place, note how the click spring is screwed in place.IMG_8280The gear train back in place moving freely.IMG_8282Here you can see the winding mechanism back in place.IMG_8283  The movement is ticking as it should again.IMG_8349Not a bad amplitude considering it now has the old mainspring.IMG_8290I have given the dial and hands a little fresh up with new luminous compound.IMG_8291Here you can see the movement is back in its case and looking super! I like the overall great quality of this movement.IMG_8292Now that looks Sporty.IMG_8320It actually looks so good It’s on my wrist as I’m writing this post;)

13 thoughts on “Service: Cyma Sport calibre 032Kb

  1. Thanks, Mitka: I love your interest in the Swiss ‘off-brands’ of that era. Any chance you’d have the time to write up something about which of them you like the most, and what you look for? We promise we won’t bid up the prices…

  2. Oh Yes …. Can’t beat an “On the wrist” photo.
    … Because we want other people to see our pride and joy ….

    Keep up the good work … Roj

  3. Very nice.
    Those movements are really something!
    Love the decorations. Much nicer finishing than Omega and many other known and valued brands of that time.

    • Yes, there are quite a few brands out there that are way better than the big brands of that time. Cyma is one of them. There are even some high-end brands that don’t have movements like this one …

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