Service + dial restoration: Omega calibre 283

IMG_1583Axel sent in this Omega. The dial has been “cleaned”, and there isn’t much left of it. The movement could also do with a service.IMG_1585

Yes, there is enough dirt in here, so a good clean won’t go amiss.IMG_1587

The dial has been restored before.IMG_1657

The gear train, with the usual specks of dirt.IMG_1662

The keyless works are looking good.IMG_1663

And off to the cleaning machine.IMG_1842

The new mainspring goes into the barrel.IMG_1844

The now clean movement beats nicely. I haven’t put the second hand arbor in, as I do that after a first run on the timegrapher.IMG_1846

When starting off, I have a beat error that’s too large.IMG_1847

So out comes the balance, and I slightly turn the collet to adjust the beat error.IMG_1849

That looks better, and I will leave it at that.IMG_1850

Now I press on the wheel that sits on the third wheel arbor and drives the second hand arbor.IMG_1851

The movement is complete and ready to be put back into the case.IMG_2413

David Bill & Sons have restored the dial and re-lumed the hands, and all looks very nice.IMG_2414

Last but not least, I put in a new crystal.IMG_2418And the watch is looking great again!


13 thoughts on “Service + dial restoration: Omega calibre 283

  1. Hello. I just bought a.Omega 283 with a 2760 caseback. Any idea where i can buy a new crystal? I cant seem to find the part number.

  2. Thank you Christian!

    I’ve used the watch every day since it arrived back here! It’s fun to be able to use my grandfathers watch and I really like the look of it now. I enjoy to be able to look at your blog to see what’s been done to it to make it work so well again.

    • And therein lies the only real value watches have; I have my Granddad’s service-issue pocket-watch and my Dad’s gold Accurist and wouldn’t wear ether of them, but one day I will get them brought back up to working condition… if only because someone else in my family might want them.

      Enjoy wearing yours – you wont see many other people wearing anything as nice 😉

  3. Nice to see a 283 back in shape, and good to see Christian back at work:-)
    Strictly speaking the lume dots should have been left out for the 3/6/9/12 positions (it looks a bit cramped around the 6 o’clock marker), but apart from that the dial work by David Bill & Sons do look great!
    All in all a very nice restoration of a time(less) classic!

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