Service: Ebel Triple Date / Valjoux 90

IMG_0463Bert sent in this Ebel Triple Date for a service and case replating. The bezel ring that holds the crystal isn’t gold plated at all, and probably comes from another watch.

Stanley was a lucky boy 😉


The amplitude isn’t bad, but the movement is dirty.IMG_0466

A nice and clear layout of the movement itself.IMG_0467

Great dial and hands.IMG_0468

A first look at the trip date mechanism. As usual, the month wheel has to be manually forwarded by a button on the top left of the case.IMG_0819

I start taking the movement apart.IMG_0823

The barrel, centre wheel and third wheel.IMG_0824

The old mainspring.IMG_0825

Now I can take the triple date and moon phase mechanism apart.IMG_0827

No lack of wire springs and levers.IMG_0835

Almost done.IMG_0843

I can now remove the plate for the triple date mechanism, and I’m down to the bottom plate.IMG_1015

All clean and ready for reassembly.IMG_1016

I start off with an new mainspring.IMG_1018

The gear train goes in.IMG_1021

And the winding / setting gears.IMG_1022

The base movement is beating again.IMG_1023

And very nicely, too!IMG_1027

Now I can put the triple date mechanism back in.IMG_1028

Ready for the dial.IMG_1029

As the last step, I put the central second pinion in.IMG_1030

The dial and hands go back on.IMG_1031

And I case the movement in the freshly replated case.IMG_1033

Looks pretty nifty!IMG_1034

Side view – now the bezel has the right colour.IMG_1035Looks as good as new.


12 thoughts on “Service: Ebel Triple Date / Valjoux 90

  1. As I look at the beautiful watch(movement), I noticed the moonphase and I can’t tell what keeps it in place. The dial pressure, no real pressure so inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Never been attracted to moon phases and similar complications, but that is a very smart one. I do like the subtle pushers – very refined 😉

  3. I’m chuffed to bits with this watch! Its fantastic to be able to follow what work has been done to it. The replating of the case and bezel ring really lifted the cosmetic condition of this Ebel triple date. I consider myself merely a custodian of this watch- after all, it provided pleasure to Stanley, and I hope to take care of it until the next generation takes over.

    Thanks for a marvelous job, Christian. Really really awesome result.

  4. Looks great, Christian!

    One question: Does this movement have a corrector for the day of the week? I can’t seem to spot a lever for it in the photos.

    • Well spotted – you have to set the watch forward until you have the right day of the week, and then use the buttons on the side to set the day (and month).

      • thank you very much! There are many places in the web where it is said to adjust the day of the week is necessary a deeper pressure on the month adjuster … since this does not work I bleieved my watch was broken…

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