Service: Ertus/ETA 1080

I picked up an Ertus with the ETA 1080 movement in need of a service.

IMG_0356 The movement looks good, but the plate and bridges are a bit dicoloured.IMG_0357No doubt that it’s time for a service.IMG_0361Not much dirt on this movement. I don’t know why this movement has this odd colour.IMG_0367The mainspring looks okay and goes back in the barrel after a clean and greasing.  IMG_0368Not bad at all for this movement with an old mainspring.IMG_0433Movement back in the case.ErtusThat is a great looking vintage watch. I thought this nice dial would look better with new luminous compound on the hands.

7 thoughts on “Service: Ertus/ETA 1080

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the work you publish, this is a great site!
    I have a late 1940’s Wittanuer I’d like to do some work on. It has a Swiss made, 15j movement that looks extremely similar to an ETA 1080. I’m trying to find a technical manual for this movement.
    I wonder if you could offer an assistance in my search.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. the bridges (particularly the bottom plate) look a little like partially oxidized copper or copper plated finish.

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