Service: Eterna caliber 1115U

IMG_0644Here is another watch I bought for practice.

This cool Eterna has a calibre 1115U movement. The dial is in good condition but the varnish has turned yellow. The watch is hardly ticking and I can’t get a reading on the timegrapher.

IMG_0646A first look at the movement. With the exception of some some scratches the movement is fairly clean and in overall pretty good shape.  IMG_0649The hairspring can very easily be damaged so I usually start by taking the balance out.IMG_0652The click is mounted on the underside of the barrel bridge.IMG_0653 Movement is coming apart nicely.IMG_0655  Base plate almost ready for the cleaning machine. IMG_0656Bottom plate is nice and simple with no complicated date change mechanisms. IMG_0901I clean off the old varnish before adding a new layer and finishing of with new luminous compound dots. More on the cleaning process: Dial cleaning IMG_0723New mainspring  in the barrel. IMG_0726The underside of the barrel bridge cleaned up.IMG_0740Movement coming back together.IMG_0905Movement is back in the case and ticking.IMG_0741I only got an amplitude of 253 with my new mainspring, so I serviced the movement again and the result was considerably better than first time around;)IMG_0907Now this is a smart looking watch! I really like the overall design and especially the red paint on the second hand.

10 thoughts on “Service: Eterna caliber 1115U

  1. An elegant watch elegantly restored – it really is beautiful. I know some of that beauty is in the simplicity, but unfortunately I’ve found I get frustrated wearing a watch without a date complication. Shame!

  2. What a wonderfull website I have been reading and looking at a lot of your services I really would like to know how do you measure or workout the size of mainspring to use in a watch keep up the good work.

    • Hi Shaun, lists mainsprings for a lot of movements, and you can order them there, too.

      If I can’t find it there, I measure the mainspring with a micrometer for height and thickness, and a ruler for length.

      Best regards,


  3. Hi Mika,
    I just love this site and the work that Christian and you are doing.
    Also loving your taste in vintage watches, you have chosen some really nice examples for your “practice” pieces.
    Question; when you serviced this Eterna movement the second time what did you do differently to achieve such an increase in amplitude?

  4. nice work, although i liked the old dial. you have great taste. eterna is the top of my list. if you back and look at the eternas serviced on this site, several have that beautiful straight line on the timographer after service. they are top quality.

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