Service: Eterna calibre 1249TC

IMG_1083This beautiful Eterna is not running and I hope that will change after a service.

The dial has an unfortunate scratch, as it is otherwise in mint condition. The case is gold-plated steel that looks good even though the gold has worn off in certain places.IMG_1085Besides being dirty the movement looks to be in excellent condition.IMG_1086I start by removing the rotor before taking the movement out of the case.IMG_1087One needs to make sure not to loose any balls from the rotor;)IMG_1098I then remove the winding gear.IMG_1097Here you can see the auto winder gears.IMG_1100I have removed the hands. That scratch is the only damage on this original dial and in this condition I don’t have the heart to redial it.IMG_1101This case really needs a clean.IMG_1104Base movement with the auto winder removed. I start by removing the jewels.IMG_1107I remove the balance.IMG_1102The set lever spring hardly has any spring and you can see a crack has developed.IMG_1105I remove the canon pinion.IMG_1107I remove the ratchet wheel.IMG_1109Here you can se the inside of the special crown wheel that is designed to only wind in one direction.IMG_1111Here you can see the gear train and plenty of dirt.IMG_1113The old mainspring is full of solidified grease.IMG_1114Last to be dismantled is the setting mechanismIMG_1116Everything nice and clean the way it is meant to be.IMG_1669I manage to find a new old stock mainspring and decide to use it as the old mainspring is riding up in the barrel.IMG_1118I test that the balance swings freely with the cap jewels in placeIMG_1671Third wheel and barrel back in place, this movement is covered with nice perlage decoration.IMG_1672Gear train and winding wheel back in placeIMG_1673Before winding the movement I assemble the winding mechanism.IMG_1675Luckily I have a new set lever from a parts movement, It’s not as pretty as the old one but it works fine. Note I’m sorry for not adding an ‘after picture’ of the setting leaver cleaned up, as it was out of focus.IMG_1678I can now wind the movement safely and it beats straight away when I put the balance in.IMG_1677What more do you want from a 70+year movement! This movement is in really good condition and proves just how good these Eterna watches are when they are not totally worn out.IMG_1679Auto winder clean and nice.IMG_1681Complete movement with auto winder back in place.Eterna calibre 1249TCMovement back in the case with the rotor in place looking like new.Eterna 1249TCAnd here you have a very nice looking classic.Eterna Calibre 1249TC Chevy Corvair dashIt actually looks so good I’m going to test it out for a while;)


6 thoughts on “Service: Eterna calibre 1249TC

  1. Very nice looking watch. It is a really funny detail that the logo is exactly the same as the placement of the balls inside the rotor.

    • It’s not a coincidence – Eterna started using the 5 ball logo after using ball bearings for the rotor for the first time!

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