Service: Eterna calibre 1408U

2014-04-03 09.09.39This is the second mechanical watch I ever acquired and has been with me since I was 18 years old. A student from the Danish watchmaker school serviced the watch about a year ago, but having this watch so long I want to service it myself.





2014-04-02 08.23.41This is not to bad. But I’m hoping to improve the result.2014-04-02 08.24.24Very nice movement 2014-04-02 08.38.08I begin with the hands as they are in need of new luminous compound.2014-04-02 08.51.00I scrape of the old luminous compound from the back.2014-04-02 09.06.56I have mixed this luminous compound to match the colour of the original.2014-04-02 09.50.16As expexted the movement has almost no dirt.2014-04-02 09.41.31Coming apart nicely.2014-04-02 09.43.58Dirty mainspring,2014-04-02 11.09.03Clean and oiled mainspring. After the old mainspring whent through the cleaning machine, I grease it by sliding the spring through a piece of watch paper that has mainspring grease on it.2014-04-03 09.03.56Reassembly goes fine, but I did not place the cap jewels in the balance to begin with so when the pallet fork is in place, I end up having to take it out again when I troubleshoot why the balance is hardly moving. I find my weakness and I have placed the cap jewel with the flat side against the jewel hole and that has caused the balance to jam and not work. Rocky mistake;) When this is corrected it works as it should! (I forgot taking pictures and this is after when the movement went back in to the case)2014-04-02 15.27.00Not to bad. Next time this watch gets serviced I will replace the old mainspring and probably get a better amplitude, but for now it works.2014-04-03 08.16.12Everything is back in place and ready for the dial and hands.2014-04-03 09.09.39No doubt about it, this is my favorite watch and most likely to find on my wrist!


21 thoughts on “Service: Eterna calibre 1408U

  1. I got an HMT as you suggested Mitka. Everything was going good and i managed to assemble surprisingly well except for the click spring underneath which must connect in some way to the little click lever. tried every way and cant get it to engage when winding which is annoying and discouraging. May i ask what watches you might be selling? i dont want them for wearing but more for collecting nice classic pieces. You can email the above address with details if you want.

      • Thanks Mitka for taking the trouble to email info about the spring issue on HMT. I got that part fine. Its where the little click is screwed on top which engages the wind up action…im giving it a break for now as its driving me crazy.

          • Thanks Mitka you are a star. Now i know the problem…The spring on the upper side is missing. Thats two bad pieces from ebay…the first one had a piece of copper wire stuck up against the balance wheel. Well you know the old phrase …if at first you dont succeed… try and try again. I do like the revue sport…scruffy option at ebay from bulgaria for £80 plus…to risky ordering from that distance.

          • I’m happy I could help:) Maybe you could modify a spring to fit in place? Yes Ebay can be a risky place at times good they weren’t expensive watches!

  2. Good post Mitka. I am just learning too but only as a hobby. I usually take pictures and notes too but still put pieces back in the wrong order. What watch are you wearing now.

      • Thanks Mitka. There is two HMT pilots going for a few pounds, one is working, the other works but stem is broken but i will get them both. Can you suggest any other options please. Was trying pocket watches also but too many things wrong that i cant master as yet, broken pivot, jewels missing, main spring holder wouldnt stay closes etc.

        • Start with projects that are running, nothing no expensive and with a some form of quality like the HMT. 0 jewelled pin pallet are difficult to work on, a teacher at school mentioned that old Timex watches are horrible to work on. You just don’t want to mangle a watch worth more than 15 pounds on your first go;)

          • Thanks Mitka. I didnt know about the HMT brand till i viewed your blog. Perfect cheap pieces for practice and i managed to get two today on ebay.

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