Service: Fortis / ETA 2836-2

IMG_20130910_213106Andrew sent in this Fortis. The bezel is missing, so I ordered a new one from Fortis in Switzerland.

Fortis charged 48 Swiss Francs for the bezel, and my bank charged me £33 for transfer charges alone! I am not surprised, as it’s the bank that also has to fund prostitutes and crack cocaine for their ex-chairman.


Inside lurks an old friend – the ETA 2836-2.IMG_4432

A bit of dirt under the crown wheel.IMG_4434

The bottom plate with the very snappy day/date changer.IMG_4458

I start off with the usual new mainspring.IMG_4460

The base movement is back together – let’s see what it does…IMG_4461

That will need some adjusting.IMG_4575

That looks better. These ETA movements never disappoint!IMG_4576

I case the movement, give it a final adjustment, and waterproof test. All is well, and the watch can go back to Andrew.

20 thoughts on “Service: Fortis / ETA 2836-2

  1. Hello!
    Could you tell me where could I buy a ETA 2846 mainspring (or a barrel – complete) from? I didn’t find it on
    Sorry if I posted in the wrong thread, but I think 2846 and 2836-2 have the same barrel/mainspring.

    Thank you in advance!

      • Thank you very much!
        Now if I’m not too pushy, could you tell me how do you know it fits? It doesn’t say it is for 2846 so I assume you searched for those particular dimensions. Where did you find the mainspring dimensions for the 2846? (if it’s not a trade secret)

          • One more question/problem if I may – I post here because this thread is about 2836-2 which is close (I believe) to 2846 and 2824.
            Here goes: could I replace the automatic bridge alltogether (wheels and everything) from 2846 with one from 2824? I have a problem cleaning/oiling the unidirectional wheels and I’d like to change them, and I have a 2824 at my disposal. I’d try to replace only those two but I don’t know if they’ll fit: 2824 has jewels where 2846 has metal bushes (I hope it’s the correct term) on the automatic bridges.

          • :)) You just love it when give quick straight answers, don’t you? 🙂

            I was eager to know. I will get my hands on 2824 on monday and “try”.

            Thank you!

  2. Thanks Christian
    The beauty is back on my wrist it’s almost like new.
    I am looking forward to see the old tritium visibility at night.
    All the best.

  3. The 33 quid was probably the SWIFT transfer fee that you have to pay for outside-EU transactions.
    Since the Swiss are not in the EU, the bank took this opportunity to rob you unfortunately.

    Great blog!

  4. Christian, 48 Swiss Francs is a bargain. I had to source replacement bezel for an Omega speedmaster last week, that came in at £121 +VAT 🙁

    £33 in fee’s is ridiculous though…

    • Yes, I had to replace a TAG bezel the other day. List price was £300, so I took a 1p coin and turned it into a bezel instead. The customer loved the result, and so much cheaper!

      • Very inventive, must have been quite a small bezel! ;-p
        If you ever need anything larger turning, my dad has a couple of metalworking lathes and a milling machine set up in his shed now, he’d be more than happy to help out!

          • I am sure there would be a market for simple, sympathetic watch cases for all the orphaned movements on eBay…

          • Funny you should mention that Cirrus, I’ve discussed it with him before. It was after he helped me re-house a lovely Roamer Premier movement. I had a case for an old ‘dollar watch’ (with an un-repairable movement) that just needed reaming slightly to make the larger movement fit. It felt great to bring it back to life… 🙂

          • I was thinking of trying to use my little model-making lathe to make a watch case. It cant handle anything of any size or hardness, but I might just be able to knock something up for a smaller, vintage movement.

            Not sure how I would form the hole for the stem though… I have a pillar drill, but positioning the piece might be tricky 🙂

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