Service: Glycine Compressor / ETA2408

This Glycine Compressor has travelled a long way – Pablo in Uruguay sent it in all the way from South America!

It’s his grandfather’s watch, and it’s not working, and could do with a new crystal as well.

I do love those gilded movements – it is an ETA movement, but the gilding and decoration makes it look great. Glycine watches have these very tight fitting cases, and that keeps the movement in good condition. This one is no exception.

This movement has an ultra-snappy date change. Everything is nicely made, and I like this ETA movement a lot.

Lovely looking movement.

All taken apart.

Back together and ticking.

This is looking very good.

Back together and ticking happily – time to go back to Uruguay!

5 thoughts on “Service: Glycine Compressor / ETA2408

  1. Hi, I’ve got a 2408 based watch that I’m trying to service, but I can’t find much information about the movement online. Do you have any more diagrams or pictures that could help me?

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