Service Helvetia / calibre 830

IMG_0480One of the most underestimated brands out there must be Helvetia. They have some very nice in-house movements. General Watch Company first created Helvetia and some years later introduced Omega.

This Helvetia is looking rough and is hardly ticking, but I see some potential.IMG_0479The movement is in decent condition.IMG_1752A rather unusual feature is that they use Inca shock on the top side and their own shock protection on the dial side. The set lever spring is broken. IMG_1754Very unusual bridge construction.IMG_1758The movement coming apart in it’s own quirky way.IMG_1760The gear train visibleIMG_1761The old mainspring has seen better days.IMG_2147New mainspring in the barrel. IMG_2148After the parts have been cleaned, I start by putting the centre wheel back in place.IMG_2149Gear train back in place.IMG_2150Crown wheel and ratchet wheel in place under the barrel bridge.IMG_2151Winding mechanism back in place. I also fit a new set lever spring. IMG_2152Pallet back in place.IMG_2154Hands and dial get new luminous compound and the dial looks very good.IMG_2158Movement back in the newly restored case and ticking.IMG_2153Performance is very good.IMG_2155Now that is a lovely watch both on the inside and outside:)

14 thoughts on “Service Helvetia / calibre 830

  1. Lovely job you’ve done here, as a matter of interest,

    Did you rechrome the case if so how did you do it? It looks very good whatever method it is.
    The dial did you clean it like you did in another post on cleaning dials?
    The new mainspring is it a brass alloy one or the original just cleaned?

    Thanks once again for all your posts of these wonderful timepieces.

      • Thanks for the reply, I see now that you replaced the mainspring with a new one it was just that the pic looked a bit brassy most probably the light shining onto it! The whole watch looks brand new again. Thanks for the case restoration link,
        could yourselves at watchguy do this kind of plating in house?

    • We use a company in Canada to rechrome cases, and they did the excellent job.
      We used a new stainless steel mainspring.
      We used the same method of dial cleaning as shown on the blog.

      Best regards,


  2. I have a Gold Helvetia Watch given to me on my 21st Birthday(1964) It is in good condition but in need of repair. Can you assist please.

    tel 02380891392 Mobile 07500219639

    Many Thanks David Readhead

  3. Very nice work! It’s nice to see these old watches restored. How large is that watch?

    Also, it’s very rare to see a second hand with no tail. Has someone removed it from this example? I notice that the side of the hub where the tail would be looks a bit like it’s been filed flat.

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