Service: Heuer Carrera / Valjoux 92

Eric from Belgium sent in this great Heuer. It’s his fathers’s watch, and I think we can all applaud his taste!

On first sight, the watch is in amazing condition.



A tiny bit of pitting on the case back, but that’s nothing to write home about.

Just the balance cock screw that is a bit damaged, but apart from that, things look pristine inside.IMG_2076

Eric said that the watch showed odd behaviour on the timegrapher, and he’s right. This is typical “banking”, e.g. the mainspring is too strong, and the impulse pin hits the back of the pallet fork as it goes around too far.IMG_2081

The hands are in as good a condition as the rest of the watch.IMG_2082

The bottom plate is pristine, too.IMG_2084

Time to take the movement apart.IMG_2091


With the chronograph removed, you can see the gear train.IMG_2101

The watch was a bit hard to wind, and here is the reason. The click wheel is a very tight fit with the plate, and there is abrasion.IMG_2102

The plate where the click wheel sits shows the same abrasion. I polish the click wheel to reduce the friction.IMG_2105

The keyless works remind me of pocket watches.IMG_2135

All parts are cleaned, and I will reassemble the watch with a new mainspring that is 1/100mm thinner than the one that was fitted.IMG_2136

And here it is – a 1.5mm x 0.12mm x 400mm.IMG_2137

Now I put in the balance jewels.IMG_2138

The gear train goes onto the plate.IMG_2139

And I put the keyless works in so that I can wind the watch.IMG_2140

Now I can fit the balance, and the movement starts beating.IMG_2142

Perfect – just the right amplitude, and of course no more banking.IMG_2145

With the movement beating as it should, I start on the chronograph.IMG_2146

Now I just have to adjust the depthing, and we’re there.IMG_2147

The bottom plate is ready for the dial.IMG_2149

Now I can put on the dial and hands. IMG_2150

The movement goes into the case.IMG_2151The condition of the watch is just incredible, and I’m very envious 😉


18 thoughts on “Service: Heuer Carrera / Valjoux 92

  1. I have this same watch, alrhough not in such pristine condition. It functions and needs to be wound daily. No band.
    My question is twofold..
    One, mine does not have the T above the word Swiss on the dial face.
    Two, Im unable to remove the rear cover to see if it has signature on inside of back cover, why? Does it screw on?

  2. What a great watch I will have to track one down so my wife can buy it for my 60th birthday that gives her 20 months to save up

  3. Is there any way of diagnosing banking without the use of a timing machine? Is it something that is noticeably apparent from watching the balance?

      • Interesting. I have a watch that makes what I can only describe as a metallic “clank” in addition to the ticks. Extremely faintly, you can only hear it pressed to your ear in a quiet place. As the watch seems to run OK I have never worried about it.

  4. Oooh now I like that! If it was an automatic it would be perfect! Did it originally come on a SS bracelet or a leather strap!??

  5. I am also envious… it is a lovely thing.

    Was the main-spring in it the one from the factory or had it been incorrectly replaced at some point?

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