Service: Jaeger LeCoultre Automatic calibre 481

IMG_1590Patrick, who sent me his LeCoultre Futurematic the other day, also sent in this lovely Jaeger LeCoultre Automatic. This watch has the calibre 481 movement, which is very different from the movement we saw in the Futurematic. And that’s a good thing 😉IMG_1592

The construction of the auto winder resembles the Omega Bumper movement a lot more than the FutureMatic movement, which  seemed to be based on the John Harwood design.IMG_1596

The dial is original, unrestored and dates from 1953.IMG_1597

The bottom plate with the power reserve indicator disk.IMG_1606The movement with the auto winder, balance and pallet fork removed.IMG_1608

The gear train. At 11 o’clock of the barrel, you can see the differential like construction that drives the power reserve indicator.IMG_1607

The bridge with the crown wheel on the right. The wheel on the very left is the one that sits on the top of the differential seen in the photo above.


The top balance jewels can be removed by simply sliding a holding bracket – nice construction, but not cheap!378-02The movement has lots of scratches from previous services.378-03

Yes, there is no lack of them 😉

IMG_1622And off into the cleaning machine.IMG_1713

The original mainspring is a bit bent, and somebody shortened it. I manage to find one that fits exactly – 1.15 x 0.09 x 260 x 8.5 (just in case you ever need one).IMG_1721

This bumper movement also has springs to dampen the impact the bumper makes when hitting the end position. One is fixed to the plate, and the other to the bumper.IMG_1722

The bottom plate with the power reserve indicator.IMG_1727

Looks like the mainspring was spot on.IMG_1730

Lovely dial, lovely watch.IMG_1731



11 thoughts on “Service: Jaeger LeCoultre Automatic calibre 481

  1. Good evening to all … I do not know if anyone helps me, it is possible to put an armed glass on this type stainless steel case … ?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. I just disassembled for 481I put it back together I cleaned it and then reassembled it. However when I reassembled it I noticed there’s not play in the rotor. Is there a bushing that should between the rotor and the bridge plate because I don’t remember the play previously?

  3. Thank you Christian.

    I bought this one mainly because of the dial. NOS is not really my thing and I liked the gentle patina of this one. Once again they come in a variety of dial styles, both US and Swiss made cases and LeCoultre (US cased) and Jaeger LeCoultre signed dials.

    This one has a Swiss made stainless steel case, one of only 1495 made according to Zaf Basha’s JLC book. The movement serial number dates to 1953 which matches nicely with the dial and makes it all completely original.

    I have a honey coloured Ostrich strap to try with it, which I hope will compliment the dial.

    • That patina is really subtle. I really like it! Where do you find these beautiful pieces?

      A honey coloured strap sounds like a very interesting combination, one I would be very keen to see.

      • eBay!

        The strap didn’t fit (but it looks good on a 351 bumper Seamaster), so I’ve ordered something else. I haven’t yet found exactly what I envisaged, but I’ll keep looking until I find something that works.

        • Hi Patrick,

          Probably a few years too late, but any chance you are willing to sell this lovely piece? I reside in London


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