Service: Junghans Day/Date Automatic – Junghans 653 / Durowe 7526

IMG_0609This is one of Torsten’s watches – a Junghans DayDate with a Durowe 7526 movement. It’s got a lovely blue dial and a gold coloured case, and the watch is in very good condition.

Let’s see what the movement is doing …


Not much ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very low amplitude, and the movement beats too fast.IMG_0610

A first look at the Junghans 653, which is actually a Durowe 7526. A great movement with a unidirectional auto winder.IMG_0615

The day and date mechanism with quick-set for both day and date.IMG_0620

A very snappy date change.IMG_0626

Time for the top plate.IMG_0628

Auto winder and balance removed.IMG_0634

The gear train.IMG_0639

The old mainspring.IMG_0640

The old mainspring is not level and quite deformed, so I will put in a new one.IMG_0641

All the parts go into the cleaning machine.IMG_0701

The new mainspring in the barrel with the old mainspring in the background.IMG_0702

I start off with the balance jewels.IMG_0704

The base movement is beating.IMG_0706

And that looks very good indeed.IMG_0708

The auto winder bridge.IMG_0711

And the bottom plate goes back together.IMG_0712ย The date ring is in place.IMG_0713

And now the day.IMG_0715

Dial and hands back on.IMG_0716

And I case the movement without the rotor.IMG_0717

Final adjustment.IMG_0718Great looking watch!

4 thoughts on “Service: Junghans Day/Date Automatic – Junghans 653 / Durowe 7526

  1. Hey verry impresive, youre work here.
    I have a question about the autowinding. The rotor, is there a bearing under it. Because i bought the same watch and the rotor isnt center of the caliber. It grinds on the bottom plate of the movement and even touches the balance wheel.

  2. That case is in gorgeous condition for a 40(?) year old watch… and the dial patina (assuming it isnt part of the original design) is rather nice as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Did the movement perform that well in all orientations? Also pretty impressive!

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