Service: Junghans Ladies watch calibre 674

IMG_3587Another one of Joris’ watches, and a stunning ladies’ Junghans it is. The watch is running fast, and it’s time for a service.IMG_3589

Not only beautiful on the outside – inside is the Junghans 674. This is the higher grade version with one capped escape wheel jewel. The other side is not capped.IMG_3590

Just to give you an idea of size.IMG_3592

The amplitude and beat error aren’t bad, but the movement is a bit fast.IMG_3598

The gear train.IMG_3607

All parts clean and ready for reassembly.IMG_3608

The old mainspring is still spritely, and I’m reusing it as I can’t find the exact new mainspring.IMG_3611

Nice and clean, and ticking again.IMG_3616

And yes, the cleaning has had quite an effect. The amplitude has gone up considerably.IMG_3614

Dial and hands are back on.IMG_3617

What a great little watch!

3 thoughts on “Service: Junghans Ladies watch calibre 674

  1. Looking lovely again Christian!

    The hands are so small that my girlfriend sometimes can just not quite read the time, but she’s in love with its looks. What can you do but send it in for a service 😉

  2. Wow – I thought my Cal. 620.50 Junghans was small!

    Lovely dial on that… blue-black sunburst is one of my favourite things 😉

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