Service Junghans Meister for the Meister / calibre 82/1

IMG_3711This Sorry looking Junghans Is fully wound, not running and in need of some cosmetic attention.IMG_3710The movement looks to be in great shape. This watch deserved a replaited so I send it of to in Canada.

IMG_3713Movement dial is in good condition, but the browning of the varnish dose not look nice on the white dial.IMG_3714There is a little corrosion on the dial side of the base plate.IMG_3715I have removed the balance from the movement.IMG_3716I remove the cap jewel holding the second arbor in place.IMG_3717First problem I discovered is that the spring that should be underneath the sweep second arbor has been placed on top of the arbor. This will jam the movement.IMG_3719Gear train visible.IMG_3721Old mainspring is still nice and will be reused after being cleaned.IMG_3722There is corrosion on the sett lever that I will clean off with a glass brush.IMG_3723All the parts spread out after being cleaned.IMG_3743I clean and varnish the dial applying new luminous compound.IMG_4767As the pivots where worn I change the balance staff. I also straightened the hairspring, as it was a little deformed close to the stud.IMG_4768Testing that the balance moves free.IMG_3724Mainspring back in the barrel.IMG_4769Gear train is back in the movement.IMG_4770You need to maneuver the train bridge it in place so that the second wheel falls in the slot for the sweep second hand pivot.IMG_4773The movement is almost finished and is only missing the balance.IMG_4781The corrosion on the dial side has cleaned up very nicely and is ready for the dial.IMG_4782The dial and hands back in place.IMG_4784The movement in the freshly replated case is simply beautiful.IMG_4787Performance is excellent.IMG_4793A shot of the caseback demonstrates the amazing work from Note he unusual lugs.Junghans Meister cal 82/1This watch looks amazing. It actually looks so good, that my master Christian decided to buy this Meister for his private collection!


17 thoughts on “Service Junghans Meister for the Meister / calibre 82/1

    • It’s not only you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Mitka has come along at high speed, and considering he only started his apprenticeship with me in April, has achieved a lot!

      Not only has he mastered the more advanced skills (re-shaping hairsprings, balance staff changes), but he has developed his own set of skills around dial cleaning and applying luminous compound.

  1. Watch turned out beautiful. Great job.

    I was looking closely at the pictures, trying to see the spring that may have jammed. It appears you used the same picture twice (IMG_4770) – to show the ‘jammed’ spring, and also towards the end during reassembly. I’m not a watchmaker, just an enthusiast, so I am just trying to ‘spot the problem’, and was trying to compare the two pictures… driving myself crazy because they’re the same image. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have a picture of the spring?


    • Hi guys, thanks for spotting that! I have corrected the image and now;) you can see spring on top of the sweep second arbor. It is a very easy fix as it is only a question of putting the arbor in the correct way when reassembling the watch. On the photo 4770 the arbor is not in the movement. On photo 3715 you can actually see the spring under the jewel and in photo 4784 you only see the top of the pivot.

  2. Hello Mitka, Iยดm somewhat interested in the method you used for applying the luminous compound. Did you actually use a binding agent for the lume that hardens under UV light? If so, that seems to be a very cool method…

    greetings noq2

    • We use standard Bergeon luminous compound and binder. The chamber is only drying the compound. When varnishing the dial the UV light helps even out the varnish for wrinkles and orange skin when drying.

  3. Very nicely done! Beautiful watch. I’ve used RePlateIt to freshen my small collection and always found Peter does great work at a very reasonable cost. I’m glad I found him on your supplier list. As I’m also in Canada there are no customs hassles!

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