Service: Junghans Power Reserve calibre 80/12

IMG_7613Not something you will see every day, and as it’s a rare Junghans, it belongs of course to Torsten. The watch has a great looking black dial, red second hand, and, above all, a power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock.IMG_7614

Performance isn’t that great, and a service is in order.IMG_7615

First peek at the movement.IMG_7617

The bottom plate with the power reserve indicator.IMG_7619

The hands need new luminous compound.IMG_7621

The auto winder gears.IMG_7623

The base movement with the auto winder removed.IMG_7629

And the gear train below the wheel bridge.IMG_7633

The mainspring barrel has a set of gears to drive the power reserve indicator, which has to capture the angular difference between the barrel and the barrel arbor.IMG_7634

A closer look at the gears.IMG_7637

The mainspring has definitely had it.IMG_7638 Now I can take the bottom plate apart.IMG_7643

All goes into the cleaning machine.IMG_7813

And I start off with a new mainspring as usual.IMG_7814

The mainspring barrel looking nice and clean again.IMG_7815

Before putting the barrel in, parts of the bottom plate have to be reassembled.


The auto winder gears are in place.IMG_7820

And the bottom plate is complete.IMG_7822

Nice amplitude again.IMG_9213

I case the movement and put the rotor on.IMG_9215With a replated case and the new luminous compound, the watch is looking quite spritely again!



3 thoughts on “Service: Junghans Power Reserve calibre 80/12

    • It’s not unusual, but there are other ways, as in the LeCoultre Futurematic I did a while ago. In the end, you have to capture the angular difference between the barrel and the barrel arbor…

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