Service Junghans Quartz 667.20

IMG_1225I’m a fan and collector of Junghans chronometer watches, but also enjoy some of their more unusual watches with funky designs. This is the second-generation quartz movement from Junghans from some time in the mid 70’s.

The watch is in decent condition considering the age, but is not running!

IMG_1224The movement is pretty funky, with acrylic plates, 9Jewels and a hand soldered circuit board. After some testing it reveals the coil is damaged.IMG_1227The movement is out of the case and the hands are of the dial.IMG_1228Plastic fantastic. The covering plate, date ring, date wheel, hour jumper and hour wheel all made out of plastic.IMG_1229There is not much visible dirt, but there are lumps here and there that will cause havoc to the movement.IMG_1247This watch is very different to other watches I have done! So it takes a little longer than a normal watch to take apart.IMG_1233Here I have removed the train bridge and you can see the gear train. Note the see though plastic plate and the friction spring leaning on to the center seconds pinion.IMG_1235I have removed the circuit board, coil and most of the gear train.IMG_1237To get to the center wheel and base plate I remove the plastic plate.IMG_1245After being cleaned the base plate is looking much better!IMG_1246I oil the center wheel and put it back in place.IMG_1247Setting mechanism back in the place.IMG_1249I put the gear train back in place.IMG_1248Date mechanism working again. Easy to see if everything is working as it should thanks to the see-through plastic. Pretty nifty quick-set function on this watch.IMG_1250Now that’s a quartz crystal!IMG_2323The king of Junghans,Torsten, was very kind and donated a working coil for my project and I now have a working watch again!IMG_1252The case back has a spring to hold the battery in place and you can still see the factory markings.IMG_2322That’s a funky quartz watch!IMG_2319Actually it is funky enough for me to wear! It is the first time I’m wearing a quartz watch in 9 years;)

15 thoughts on “Service Junghans Quartz 667.20

  1. Bonjour.
    J en ai une qui fonctionne parfaitement et je voudrais bien la vendre.
    Pourriez-vous me faire une estimation.
    Mes salutations.

  2. Hi guys i have one of these and was wondering if i sent it to you could you get it up and running? When i put a battery in it, it barely moves the gears inside it,

  3. The ceramic variable capacitor on those older quartz watches was used to ‘pull’ the crystal to minutely change the resonant frequency. Is performing that ‘regulation’ part of a service and what equipment do you use?

    Thank you so much for maintaining your blog- fascinating reading!

    • We have a proper quartz watch tester that has a reading for the accuracy of the movement, and we use that to adjust the movement. If there is a regulator, we will do this as part of a service – but don’t forget that we don’t really do quartz watches 😉

  4. Mitka,
    Nice to see another Junghans coming back to life. Your Junghans was produced in 1976 according to the markings on the main plate (K76).

    The 667.xx quartz series was produced between 1976-1978.

  5. Very nice watch! I’m looking forward to buy a max bill from Junghans as I believe it’s one of the finest examples of bauhaus aesthetic and reasonably priced.

    Also it’s interesting to see you working on a quartz watch! – by the way, my omega seamaster 120m ‘plongeur deluxe’ (cal 1337) is still in want of a service 🙂 it’s in working condition, but the seconds hand sometimes get sticky when I set the time, so I believe it’s time for a cleaning… please let me know when/if you’re accepting watches again and can make an exception for quartz 🙂

  6. Nice clean face, I guess a 39mm dia size? I wonder how many would actually service a quartz watch. Nice. Secretly every WIS has a quartz watch somewhere!

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