Service: Kelek Chronograph / Buren 11

IMG_0255I never thought I’d see another Kelek chronograph with exactly the same dial – never say never!

Raub from Connecticut sent this one in for a service. It’s quite dirty, and needs a new crystal as well.IMG_0257

The case back gasket has completely dissolved and is liquid.


There is a number roughly engraved into the case back, and that makes me wonder if this watch was worn by a soldier…


The amplitude is a bit weak, and the movement is too fast.IMG_0261

The case and bracelet go into the ultrasonic cleaner.IMG_0262

And here is the gorgeous Buren 11 movement.IMG_0265

In my opinion, the most elegant chronograph movement, and that’s  because of the microrotor auto winder.IMG_0273

The movement is in very good condition.IMG_0279

I slowly take apart the chronograph layer.IMG_0286

And here is the base movement in all its glory. I especially like the microrotor and the reverser wheel that is mounted between two large ruby discs.IMG_0291

A closer view of the auto winder gears.IMG_0294

It’s important to take photos of every part with its screws, and here I mark in the photo that one of the screws has a left hand thread.IMG_0297

The mainspring is still good, and I will reuse it, especially as I can’t find a new one for this movement.IMG_0309

No lack of parts!IMG_0310

The bezel ring gets a good clean.IMG_0317

Epilame treatment.IMG_0318

And all is ready for reassembly.IMG_0348

I start off by applying braking grease to the barrel.IMG_0350

Then the cleaned mainspring goes in.IMG_0351

And the balance jewels are put in with a tiny drop of 9010 on the cap jewel.IMG_0353

Reassembly starts with the bottom plate winding gear.IMG_0356

Then the base movement goes in.IMG_0358

And I have a ticking movement that’s looking good.IMG_0359

Now the auto winder is mounted.IMG_0360

And the base movement is complete.IMG_0363

Time to reassemble the chronograph.IMG_0364

Almost there!IMG_0365

Just one more bridge to go …IMG_0367

This is the funkiest chronograph dial ever. Ever!IMG_0382

Back into the case.IMG_0383

A new gasket for the case back.IMG_0393

And we are back in business.IMG_0394

Just great looking!

Cirrus found this original ad:


14 thoughts on “Service: Kelek Chronograph / Buren 11

  1. I have one of these. Sitting in a draw in need of a good service and a couple of bits. I also have a 2 Favre Leuba watches. All of which at some point I will have fully serviced.

  2. Just wondering if you place the crystal along with the case into the ultrasonic cleaner, and I wonder what was your old Pearl parts cleaner like in terms of quality, ease of use etc.?

    Min Kai

  3. Wow – wouldn’t have thought there were many of those around at all, and certainly wouldn’t expect you to get two of them!

    Something about that and the last one just screams “Space Race” to me 😉

  4. Mmm, wonder where Swatch pinched their ideas from….
    The Tritium dots on the face, and inlay to the hands will no doubt have lost its luminosity, as the watch must be well over 25 years old. Early 70’s vintage?

    • Yes, I would also guess 70s…

      Luminosity of hands and dial dots has never bothered me greatly, and I prefer to leave things as they are and not to re-lume, in order to leave the watch as original a possible.
      This one ticks all my boxes – automatic, date, great movement, super design. Such a shame I have to send it back to the US 😉

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