Service: Kiva / FB222

IMG_0496This is Bert’s Kiva, and I must say she’s a beauty!

It stops from time to time, and needs a service.IMG_0498

A first look – this is the FB222 movement, made by Förster in Germany.

IMG_0499Very weak amplitude, so it definitely needs a service.


The auto winder works in both directions.IMG_0504

The gear train.IMG_0508

The date change is very snappy and well constructed.IMG_0518

Almost there…IMG_0520

Just the jewels to take out.IMG_0523

And ready for cleaning.IMG_0558

I start putting the wheel train together.IMG_0587

The balance is in, and the movement is ticking.IMG_0588

That’s a lot better!IMG_0589

With a new crystal, the watch look gorgeous again.IMG_0591Bert chose a great strap for it, that suits the watch very well.

I put the watch on the autowinder, and it loses 5 minutes at a time, only to then keep time again. I’m a bit thrown by this, but finally find the problem. The clutch on the great wheel slips only from time to time. As it’s very hard to adjust, and I have a spare great wheel, I swap a wheel with a good clutch tension over, and everything is well.



8 thoughts on “Service: Kiva / FB222

  1. Absolutely stunning work, yet again. I can’t believe my luck finding a watchmaker who describes, photographs, shares all the steps along the way AND turns out to be a honest individual to boot. (And who has spare parts laying about)

    I searched long and hard to know more about Kiva, but alas, I have not come across much useful info. Since Christian delved into the FB calibre, at least I have a new start for further info.

    I noticed there are more unusual as well as collector watches appearing on the blog, often from an international public. That is a pretty impressive organic growth there!

    Wish you all the best and good luck with your horological journey, Christian.

    Best regards,


  2. I don’t think I have seen one of these movements before, but clearly they aren’t too uncommon if you had a spare for one kicking around?

    I don’t think I know Kiva either, but clearly I should – it’s very nicely designed and executed 😉

    • That was pure luck – I had a similar Förster movement lying around. They aren’t uncommon in German 1970s watches, so, considering my nationality, chances were good 😉

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