Service: Lemania calibe 13CH

img_0241Anders has sent us this lovely Lemania chronograph for a service as it’s hardly ticking and the minute recorded hand does not reset to 12.img_0243It is a long time since this watch got a service. The grease has turned solid.img_0245The silver case has a dent in the side and on instructions from Anders it goes to a local silversmith for repair.img_0248There is a little rust damage in some places, but nothing too serious.img_0258Almost down to the base movement and you can see plenty of dirt.img_0259As it’s a non-shock protected movement the balance cock gets taken apart for cleaning.img_0262Here you can see underneath the gear train bridge before cleaning.img_0263Some of the gear train visible after removing the bridge.img_0264Now I turn the movement around to take out the setting / winding mechanism.img_0268Here you can see the old mainspring.img_0269I give all the rusty parts a bath in vinegar before rinsing them.img_0270The movement being cleaned.img_0350Here you can see the watch cleaned and ready to be put back together. Note I have already fitted a new mainspring. The new mainspring has the same dimensions as the old one, but the modern steel is stronger so the movement banked when back together. I was lucky and later found a new old stock mainspring.img_0352Balance put back together and I test that it is moving freely.img_0761The new old stock mainspring in the barrel.img_0355Here you can see the gear train back in place waiting for the train bridge. It all looks much nicer when clean!img_0353The base movement is almost back together.img_0354Setting mechanism back in place.img_0360When I put the balance back in place it starts ticking straight away.img_0763After some beat error adjustment the performance is very good!img_0361Now I know the movement is not banking I can start putting the chronograph back together.img_0362Here you can see the chronograph back together looking really nice! Note: The minute recorder is driven directly from a pinion that engages with the centre wheel.img_0765Here you can see the dial side of the movement just before fitting the dial.img_0766Unfortunately the sub seconds hand has rusted apart, but I do find a suitable replacement.img_0767And now the dial and hands are back in place. The central minutes recorder just needed the tube tightened.img_0793Now the movement is back in the case looking and preforming much better than before.img_0794The local silver smith did a fair job on filling in the dent. He was instructed not to polish the case.img_0796In the case back you can see the Sterling silver hallmarks.img_0797Now that is a lovely chronograph!

9 thoughts on “Service: Lemania calibe 13CH

  1. Hallo
    I have a Lemania 2 button chronograph with a CH13 2P movement and I was advised recently that a part is required to get the chronograph function to work.
    Do you think you could source a part needed to repair this watch or can you make the part required to get the chronograph working. The watch is running okay.
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    George Evans

  2. Thanks Mitka for another great job!
    The watch performs flawlessly, and with a very nice and crisp chronograph function.
    Not a watch to be worn on daily rotation, but a lovely piece of history to enjoy on special occasions.
    Lemania cal CH13 was also sold by Omega as cal 28.9CHRO. All designed and made by Lemania, and the first chronograph movement to be designed from scratch to be used in a wristwatch. Earlier designs had been based on pocket chronographs.

  3. Beautiful! what a lovely watch. I can’t believe how well the movement cleaned up. How long do you think it had gone without a service? Looks like decades.

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