Service: Longines Automatic Ladies / ETA2000.1

IMG_8133Andy sent this one in – a very nice looking Longines ladies’ watch.

It isn’t running properly, so it will need some attention…IMG_8134

The bracelet can do with a nice bath in the ultrasonic cleaner, too!IMG_8137

A very nicely decorated and branded rotor, and an ETA2000.1 movement. This is a great little movement, with date, quick-set function, automatic, and a hacking second!IMG_8142

The auto-winder is unidirectional.IMG_8144The movement looks typically ETA.IMG_8151

The bottom plate with the date mechanism – quick set and all!IMG_8158

The keyless works.IMG_8159

Quite a few parts in the baskets!IMG_8175

I start off with the usual new mainspring.IMG_8177

The gear train in place – note the little lever for the hacking second.IMG_8179

Base movement back together and ticking.IMG_8181

That’s what you get from ETA – great performance, even on a tiny movement!IMG_8182

The bottom plate back together.IMG_8184

And the dial and hands go back on.IMG_8185

I case the movement.IMG_8186

And put the auto winder back together and on to the movement.IMG_8188




4 thoughts on “Service: Longines Automatic Ladies / ETA2000.1

  1. There aren’t enough ladies automatics in the world… not sure why given this watch shows how well they can be executed.

  2. Recent convert and collector of Longines! Have a few pieces that will be heading your way soon Christian… classic and elegant design and surprisingly collectable without having to break the bank!

  3. That’s one of those watches that at first glance it passes you by. Then on closer inspection it is really quite a head turner.

    Love the font on the rotor, the dial and then how it looks together makes it a beauty.

    How old would something like this be?

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