Service: Longines Conquest calibre 19AS

IMG_1874Whilst we are at it, here is another Longines that Patrick dropped by (one of my very few customers that live anywhere near me and so come by the workshop).

Case and dial are in very good condition, so let’s see what the inside looks like…


A fair amount of scratches on the rotor. The auto winder is quite interesting, as an oval attached to the rotor pushes a jewelled disk away from the rotor, and a spring pushes it back towards the rotor, providing the winding action.393-01

Time for some microscope shots. Have a look at the two wire springs – both have been badly mangled and could do with replacing.393-02

The balance jewel is worn out a bit, and needs replacing.393-03

The usual damaged around a bridge screw – somebody used a screwdriver that was too large.393-04

More damage done by a too large screwdriver.393-05The clutch lever spring isn’t original, but a filed-down spring from another movement.IMG_1883

Very nicely decorated bottom plate.IMG_1887

Quite a bit of dirt.IMG_1891

The wheel train.IMG_1895

The old mainspring doesn’t look too bad, but I will replace it anyway.IMG_1901

All the parts go through the cleaning machine as usual.IMG_2060

The new mainspring arrives in a tin lid. Normally, they are pre-wound, but that’s not a problem.IMG_2061

The new mainspring in the barrel.IMG_2062

With the base movement assembled, the balance starts beating.IMG_2175

Not too shabby.IMG_2176

Now I can put the auto winder assembly back on. Patrick found a donor movement, and I change all the little wire springs, and the complete balance over.IMG_2179

The bottom plate also gets a clutch lever spring that fits.IMG_2180

Some of the paint has come off the hands.IMG_2398

After polishing the hands, I re-paint the black stripe.IMG_2424Looking good!

Do I like Longines watches? Yes, I do. Well made movements, complex and interesting detail, what’s not to like? You can pick up decent vintage Longines watches at a good price.



11 thoughts on “Service: Longines Conquest calibre 19AS

  1. Hi, lovely job! I have a similar watch from the 1950’s that belonged to my grandfather, with a crystal that needs replacement, would you know its reference if I was to source the crystal?

  2. As a novice enjoy(er) of timepieces you summed up why they appeal to me and why I have a few already including the 431 you serviced not long ago. Undervalued maybe?

    I also really do like the script they often use on the dials and many I see seem to stand up quite well over time.

    Lovely watch, just so very subtle and elegant with a dash of luxury about it.

  3. Yes, very nice – I don’t know why I don’t own a Longines. I was actually offered an Admiral auto in a pub(!) last year but had no idea if it was worth the asking price so declined.

    Has the dial been restored do you think? Seems odd to have a lump of lume in the middle of the word “Swiss”…

    It is a good job I don’t live close to your workshop I think – neither of us would ever get any work done 😉

    • I’m pretty sure it’s original. It would be very hard to redial that well with the gold ring and all. The movement serial number dates it to 1956.

      It’s entirely coincidental that I live not too far from Christian, I was sending him a watch (the Futurematic) and when I saw the address I realised how close it was. He actually lives even closer to my brother.

      • If that is a redial I would like to get the number to the ones that did it. It is perfectly executed, and my conclusion is that it is perfectly original. It has all the telltale signs of lovely aging that no re-dialer would ever be able to achieve!

        What a lovely watch! 🙂

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