Service Longines Flagship calibre 380

Longines calibre 280This Longines has a unusual calibre 380 that is actually based on a Cyma 480.


Someone really gave those hands a layer of luminous compound! And the rotor is loose in the case.

IMG_3042Movement looks okay besides the rotor being loose.IMG_3047   The broken of stem is caught between 2 jewels in the rotor. I align the broken post with the jewel hole and can press both upper and lower jewels out with the staking set. I remove the broken rotor post and press the jewels back in place.IMG_3802Rotor is now fixed and can be used. IMG_3725I can’t get another rotor post that fits the longings rotor. IMG_3726I get a donor Cyma movement to use the rotor post. Longines has modified the rotor construction by having the stem fixed to the automatic winding device whilst Cyma had originally intended for the rotor stem be attached to the oscillating weight. I now see that I can’t use the Longines rotor if I want a working watch. I’m in principle against modifying a movement, but in this case I think it can justified as the Longines actually is based on the Cyma and the modification can easily be corrected if I find a Longines rotor post. On the photo I test if the rotor hole fits the Longines movement.IMG_3727The dial is in fairly good condition, but I will have to do something with those hands.IMG_3729Base plate of the movement, not you can see the groove for the Cyma flex shock protection, but Longines have fitted their own shock protection with transparent cap jewels.IMG_3730I must admit I like this way of fitting a wire spring.IMG_3732Looks like someone has recently serviced this movement, but the watch was not running longer than for 2 hours.IMG_3733Gear train.IMG_3736Lower section of the gear train.IMG_3745New mainspringIMG_3785After being cleaned I test that the balance moves freely

IMG_3787Gear train back in the movementIMG_3790And I have a ticking movement. The auto winder assembly with the centre jewel in place.IMG_3797Very nice performance on the timegrapher.IMG_3744Just for comparison you can see the rotor post from the oscillating Cyma weight and the rotor post from the Longines movement. The Cyma post is much stronger as the diameter of the post is more than double the thickness.IMG_3799The movement back in the case with a fully working rotor in place.IMG_3803The hands looking much nicer with the old gunk removed and new luminous compound applied.Longines cal 380Testing the watch before it goes to my good friend Felix from Sweden.

13 thoughts on “Service Longines Flagship calibre 380

  1. Hello Mitka
    Not a friend of Felix, but Longines entusiast.
    Got a 380 caliber, rotor is comes of, but movement still works, balance moves perfect.

  2. hello Mitka,
    congratulation for your very nice site and your perfect work.
    I am a watch collector and few days ago I had find this superb Longines with cal 380. It’s working but unfortunately has broken the yoke and I can’t put the time. I’m searching all over the world for this spare part, but I find nothing! Can you suggest anything please?
    Thanks in advance
    best regards,

    • Hi Stamos,

      Thank you for kind words, but the credit for the website goes to Christian;) I doubt that your Yoke is broken as it sounds more like setting lever spring. I have the spares for this movement from a Cyma 480. Please send me a email at if you are interested.

  3. Hello Mitka!

    My name is Linus, I’m a friend of Felix. I really liked that brown leather strap he got for his watch, and I’m interested in getting one for myself! Do you by any chance know if it would fit a “Atlantic Varldsmastarur Incabloc” and how much would it cost etc.?

    Linus R-N, Stockholm.

  4. hi Christian, I am big fan and admire your work. i want to ask for a recent watch in photo library: 1090 Omega Seamaster 09-12-2014 what’s the case and will be finished ???

  5. Hello,

    Wonderful site and work. I have a question regarding mainsprings. I have fitted several new mainsprings but never knew how the new mainsprings are lubricated and with what lubricant. Besides some grease on the barrel walls for an automatic, and oiling the arbor pivots, is there any other lubricant applied to the tops of the coils or?



  6. Hi Mitka

    I am quite a fan of Longines. I often like the design of the rotor so was sad to see this leave the watch. I hope you, at some point, find a way to reunite them.

    Love the watch and thanks for the continued work and postings.

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