Service: Luch 701 Ladies watch calibre 1801

I bought this lovely ladies’ watch on eBay from a guy in Belarus (vlad7600). Not only did he ship very quickly, but the watch was as described, so full marks for him. I bought it for £3.13 plus £3.13 postage. Not bad for a total of £6.26 ;-).

Currently, my daughter has a quartz watch with a cat on it, and I’d like her to have something a bit nicer.Our own Cirrus made a valiant effort to free her from the chains of her current watch, and sent me a nice looking pin-pallet ladies’ watch, but it was too worn out to be repaired…

I can’t really decipher what’s on the dial – anyone out there who can read joined-up Cyrillic? Probably reads “Luch” in Cyrillic, bit I’m guessing here.

Nicely put together movement. No finishes, but it’s functional. Just what you would expect from something made in the former USSR, comrade!

Top plate with the balance jewels removed. I guess 1801.I.KI is the calibre, but I can’t find anything on google.

Not too many parts – as you would expect from a fairly simple movement.

I start putting the movement back together and oil under the microscope.

I would be happy with this on any size watch, and, on a movement that small, more than I ever expected. Great performance. No wobbles, no waves, and a steady line.

If it were Swiss, it would be a bit more decorated, but it wouldn’t perform any better.

And the bottom plate complete.

I like the dial a lot – great colour, great shine.

For less than £7, nothing to complain about! I polished the crystal and cleaned the case, and I am happy with the result. The bracelet is damaged, and I will have to find a nice strap for the watch.

16 thoughts on “Service: Luch 701 Ladies watch calibre 1801

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  2. hello, recently i bougth a watch with this caliber, and i damaged it, so if youcan help me to know wath happen writte me to my email

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  6. Aww – its a shame that little watch was toofar gone to save… it was funky and, I think, German?

    All watch movements impress me, but ones this tiny even more so; it is hard to conceive designing and making something like that 😉

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