Service: Moeris pocket watch calibre 19H

Dave sent this one in. It’s a Moeris pocket watch, and it looks like it was used in WWII as it has the “G.S.T.P.” on the back which stands for General Service Temporary Pattern.

Someone has been pretty generous with the luminous compound, and the acrylic crystal is scratched and discoloured.

Some of the plating has come off the case.

Rust and dirt – the watch doesn’t work any more.

The bottom plate got its share of dirt as well.

Balance and pallet fork removed.

Nice details, like the click spring, which is a proper spring and not made of wire.

All parts ready for the cleaning machine.

I polish all the screw heads.

And the bottom plate gets the same treatment.

Regulator and top jewel cap back in place.

Time for a new crystal.

That looks better – especially on the inside!

With the mainspring only slightly wound, the timegrapher image after adjusting. Perfect.

24 thoughts on “Service: Moeris pocket watch calibre 19H

  1. My mother left me a Moeris ladies gold watch. It is stamped with a 9 and marked 375 and has a serial number 2280726 outside of the case.
    Inside the case it is named and has a 15 jewel working. The watch is working perfectly. Is it of any value.

    Thank you

  2. Hi. I am watch repairman from Thailand.
    Do you have some part for sale on this movement? Moeris cal.19h.l want the second wheel.

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  4. I have a moeris swiss made . 2911987 watch in working order and was wondering about its history . ..

  5. I picked up a moeris 19a pocket watch from a garage sale and was wondering when the watch was made ?

    • The 19B was made around 1925 (according to Ranfft). You might be better off posting this question on a watch forum, as there are more people with detailed knowledge around.

  6. A few years ago when my granddad passed I was given his Moeris watch, also on the face is Thomdrij, the number 25 inside a cicle , 17 jewels, and the word incabloc. On the back is a number 445368.
    I am just looking for info if anyone knows anything about these watches. and if there is any value associated. I just spent a few hundred Canadian dollars to get it cleaned and working seemed expensive but it is granddads.

  7. I have just recently inherited a Moeris pocket watch with QR 9858 can anyone tell me anything about it

    • My Dad left me a Moeris pocket watch he carried during WW2 while serving in Italy. It has a black face and the case is worn, plus the crystal is slightly scratched. Both hour and minute hands are worn and had the original leather strap attached. My Dad gave me the watch before I shipped out to Vietnam. He had it serviced when I came home from Vietnam and it still runs. On the back of the case is an upward facing arrow and G. S. T. P. plus M 10694 is engraved.

  8. I have a Moeris pocket watch left to me in my grandfathers effects. Black dial, numbers in 2 colours with G.S.T.P. and M 7788 on the back. It works well but has a small amount of damage to metal around the dial, on the outside of watch. How much are these watches worth and is there a market for them?

  9. The luminous paint is, or was radioactive as that was what was available at the time so do take care not to breath any in if trying to remove it as I’m not sure how radioactive it still is even if it is no longer luminous.
    I have a couple of GSTP watches all with badly worn chrome and scratched crystals but they still run reasonably well, but desperately need servicing so I don’t wind them until i’m confident enough to clean and oil them myself.
    Sites like this are a great help in boosting my confidence and I’m practicing on a couple of cheap ebay movement before I tackle my good watches.

  10. I have a very similar pocket watch to this one – same broadarrow markings on the back, but the dial and movement say Cyma. In common with that one about half of it’s weight seems to be luminescent gunk 😉

    I have often wondered about removing the gunk in the hope that they just painted it on over the black numbers; it looks quite brittle and it is ever so tempting to get a dental pick on it or something…

    What stops me is a) I assume it is radium based which I suspect needs special treatment and b) the dial is in otherwise perfect condition and I am willing to bet I would damage it!

    Is this the kind of thing that David Bill & Sons – whom you mentioned a few times – could handle?

    • I’m sure they can restore the dial, but I wonder if the watch was meant to be like that. In that case, I’d leave it as it is … Could be that they needed all that lume as they were used as military watches.

      As the “kids” today totally go for lume, you might be trendier with that watch than you think 😉

      • I am sure this is how it was meant to be, but given it no longer lumes it does rather look like a load of of PolyFilla on the dial for no apparent reason 😉

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