Service: Mondia Ladies’ watch / ETA 2551

IMG_3560I particularly like what lurks inside this Mondia watch. Not that the case is bad πŸ˜‰ – it’s got a screw back and a tension ring crystal, so nothing to moan about there, either…IMG_3562

What I really like is the ETA 2551 movement with 25 jewels. Most ladies watch movement are complete and utter pants, as it is of course hard to fit anything decent into these small cases. This ETA is the exception to the rule. It’s built pretty much in the same way as the larger ETA movements, it’s automatic, has a date, and is tiny!IMG_3565

The bottom plate with the date ring.IMG_3567

The auto winder has two reverser wheels, and it thus bi-directional.IMG_3574

The wheel train – you can see that I have already removed the balance jewels. Centre second, jewelled barrel arbor, you name it, it’s there.IMG_3593

As you can see, a pretty complex movement for its size.IMG_3809

I put a new mainspring in the barrel.Β IMG_3812

The base movement is back together.IMG_3815

Great performance for a movement that small. I wish other manufacturers could make ladies movements like these.IMG_3819

Dial and hands are still in good condition.IMG_3822

And with a new crystal, the watch looks great!

When testing, I have problems with the power reserve. After 12 hours, the watch stops. A quick look reveals that the mainspring starts slipping in the barrel way too soon. I open the barrel again, clean everything, and slightly roughen the barrel wall with fine paper. With new braking grease, the mainspring goes back in, and all is well.

14 thoughts on “Service: Mondia Ladies’ watch / ETA 2551

  1. Hi Christian,

    Do you recall which braking grease you used for the barrel wall here? I have a Record branded ETA 2550 in my queue at the moment, and the internet is awash with unhelpful advice on which grease to use here. Ideally I want to buy something for this which might also get used on future victims.



  2. Well, in fact the 2551 has a lift angle of 51ΒΊ, not 52ΒΊ.
    so the shown amplitude of 281ΒΊ will lower to a real value,
    when you modify this input.
    A little detail that in other cases can lead to a serious misread.

    Lift Angle list are around the web by Wostep, Witschi,


    • A lift angle difference of one degree isn’t worth adjusting for. The amplitude isn’t something that is regulated, but just observed.
      You are right, but also slightly anal πŸ˜‰

  3. I would like an estimate for repairing my
    Patek Pkilippe replica wrist watch. It has a noon
    dial and several other functions.

  4. Wow – that is small… 7.75”’ according to Ranftt, but still a noticeable 4.65mm thick! And they haven’t skimped on the jewels by the look of it πŸ˜‰

    I quite like the the mirrored lume on the chapter ring.. or was it on the tension ring? Hard to see if it is still there in the new-crystal photo.

    Great case shape as well πŸ˜‰

    • Now you scared me! I had the watch already packed up to be sent back. I never noticed lume on a chapter ring! So in panic, I unpack the parcel, and check as I put old parts in with the watches. It’s just a clear tension ring, and only had that quite nice reflection on the first photo.
      Back to packing the watch up again πŸ˜‰

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