Service: New old stock Double Rhomb / Tongji movement

IMG_1324Tamer contacted me, as he had bought a batch of NOS Double Rhomb watches. The interesting bit was that they came in their original packaging!

This watch probably dates from the early 80s, as the dial is already in Chinese and English, and the movement is the 17 jewel Tongji.IMG_1326
The watch is in immaculate condition, straight out of the box.IMG_1330

After over 30 years in the box, this is pretty good. The amplitude is a bit low, but performance is still good!IMG_1332

First look at the movement – very clean, just no lubrication left.IMG_1333

The dial is immaculate.IMG_1334

And so is the bottom plate.IMG_1338

The gear train. The central second construction is well made, with the fourth wheel jewelled on both sides.IMG_1341

I will re-use the mainspring.IMG_1346

All the components cleaned.IMG_1345

I put the balance jewels in and oil them.

IMG_1346 (2)

The mainspring goes back into the barrel.IMG_1347

Now I put the gear train in.IMG_1348

The top plate is complete, and the movement is beating.IMG_1349

That looks nice – good amplitude, good, constant beat rate.IMG_1350

Now I can put the bottom plate back together.IMG_1351

Ready for the dial.IMG_1352

Movement cased.IMG_1354

And the watch is back together again.IMG_1355

The bracelet isn’t of great quality, but the watch is a solid, good piece of workmanship.IMG_1356Back into the original case.

If you are interested in buying one of these off Tamer, you can email him at


5 thoughts on “Service: New old stock Double Rhomb / Tongji movement

  1. Not that its any of my business but why would anyone get one of these serviced ? I say you be darn lucky to get £50 for one!

  2. What an interesting thing… and +3s seems to be quite good for one of these movements, though I wonder now if that is down to the design or just sloppy construction – maybe it was never lubed!

    I am tempted to enquire as to the price 😉

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