Service: Omega calibre 265

IMG_7057Even though I’m not accepting new work this year, I still have quite a few watches in the workshop that need fixing… Panu from Norway sent me his Omega 265. The dial has quite some damage, and he would like that restored, and the watch needs a service.

The calibre 265 is a manual wind movement, and it’s beautifully executed as you will see in a bit …

IMG_7055The movement definitely needs a clean – low amplitude and a fast beat rate.

IMG_7056Everything looks original, and in good condition. What a lovely movement.

IMG_7058You can see the dial damage here – the sub-second dial is discoloured, and the numbers have come off in parts. There is a scratch on the bottom plate, but apart from that, the movement looks great.

IMG_7215Time to take the movement apart.


So far, everything is in very good condition.

IMG_7221The movement is taken apart, and now goes into the cleaning machine.


Reassembly starts as usual with a new mainspring.

IMG_7269Barrel and wheel bridge back in place.

IMG_7272Omega at its best. No frills, but beautiful.


David Bill and Sons have done a great job on the dial.

IMG_7277The case gets a new Omega crystal.

IMG_7278Which is pressed in. As these are tension ring crystals, they need pressure to go into their seat in the case.

IMG_7279Now the movement goes back into the case.

IMG_7275That looks a lot better. The little dots that are out of line is me making too much noise 😉

IMG_7281What a great looking watch!

IMG_7282I’m very envious of Panu, but it has to go back to Norway …














17 thoughts on “Service: Omega calibre 265

  1. I have the exact same watch! I want to replace the hands but doesn’t know which type of hands does cal265 take. Is it the same hands as 30t2?

    Thank you

  2. I have this exact model that I am looking to repair. Funny thing is although I have removed the case screws, the movement doesn’t want to come out of the case. Is there a trick? Thanks.

  3. I was wondering what the case number of this watch was. I have a 265 as well and have been hunting for a new Omega crystal for it but I can’t quite make out the case number from inside the back cover.

  4. Very, very nice, but I think if I were going to the trouble of getting the dial re-done I would have asked for a enamel-white finish, dispensed with the lume and sourced some blued steel hands 😉

    I am going to a watch fair on Sunday – never been to one before and am actually hopeful of finding something similar to this…

    • Good luck with that.. lots of debris to sift through, and very few good watches to be found. But take some photos – it would be great if you could write something up for this blog about the fair and what you found (or didn’t find)! Give me a shout and I’ll create a user for you so you can publish.

        • As this blog is always pretty visual, it might be best to wait for the next one and have a write-up with photos. Especially with watches, you want to have a peek 😉

          • This is true… especially as I didn’t actually buy anything beyond a few odds and ends* 😉

            *Seiko Bellmatic for what seems to be a very good price, Seiko 5 case and dial for almost free to refresh one of mine and a Seiko Kinetic thing that was apparently broken but which doesn’t seem to be.

  5. Omegas have never really “floated my boat” but this one has a certain something! 😉
    Great job its looks like NOS now! 🙂

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