Service: Omega calibre 265

To continue the theme of vintage manual wind Omegas, here is Phil’s that he send in. It doesn’t keep time properly, and there is a second hand on the watch that can’t be original. This is his grandfather’s watch, and it is an absolute beauty. The dial and case are in great nick, and it looks simply stunning!

The case back.

Everything is in pretty good shape. Some of the copper plating is starting to come off, but that’s normal for a watch that age.

Ready for the cleaning machine.

With a new mainspring, I put the movement back together.

John at obsoletewatchparts has sent me this second hand, which fits rather nicely. Not original Omega, but very nice.

Oh yes, you want one, too! I certainly do.

A tiny snag – the watch back has a little tear, and the tension with which it holds to the case could be better, but it’s good enough.


6 thoughts on “Service: Omega calibre 265

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  2. Another beautiful vintage Omega.

    Are these movements not actually gilt, using rose gold for the plating, which contains copper to provide the red colour? Copper plating will tarnish on exposure to air over a period of time, and will become dull brown in colour. Over a longer period a green patina will form. Yet these Omega movements are still bright & shiny (apart from specks of dirt), which indicates a gilt finish.

  3. That really is a lovely understaded watch indeed. What is it about these watches, or is is just different things to different people.

    Lovely and that hand whilst not perfect now fades into the watch face and does not draw the eye.

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